Timberwolf’s​ Interview With Borticus – Torpedos, Plasma Consoles & other special Snowflakes

Timberwolf pulled off a major coup with tough questions and insights from Star Trek Online’s own Borticus on a number of topics including the new Temporal abilities, why torpedos work they way they do and what’s being looked at, and a wide-ranging discussion on consoles and other abilities.

If you’re a fan of kinetic builds – this interview is a must-watch. Eye-opening to say the least.  Check it out 😉


3 thoughts on “Timberwolf’s​ Interview With Borticus – Torpedos, Plasma Consoles & other special Snowflakes

  1. Very much worth the listen. Particularly the part about the Torpedoes. Throwing it out there, but instead of a straight up buff to Torpedo speed as Borticus was suggesting, why not just have Torpedoes affected by (Some) sources of haste? E.G. the M-6 Tactical Computer? Looking at it from a lore perspective, would make sense it would improve torpedoes as well as energy weapons. Temporal Op Spec would have also been a good opportunity to do this

    Also, apologies that you got shat on by r/sto when you posted this.


    1. Thanks – I took down the post because of it. I was at fault – I should have just linked the vid – which some one else did a few minutes after me. Reddiqutte can be a pain sometimes, but it’s valid. The TwilightisAwuful comments were unnecessary.


  2. Very interesting interview!

    I guess I am slowly becoming a member of the kinetic community as well and Odenknight and Ernest Ramos are the biggest inspirations for my exotic torpboat builds, they have been a great help on Reddit and on the FB STO ship build group as well!

    It is true that torpedoes are kind of special snowflakes, but those special snowflakes are pretty darn good. In my latest parse a couple of minutes ago, I did 30k DPS in ISA (not my best run, died once too, have done 36k in the map) and my Terran Torp (VR MkXIV) landed the highest one hit damage spike I have ever had, 194k damage in one hit! Just amazing, my AP beamboat is not nearly as fun! I think people who do not try out torp builds at least once are missing out to have a great experience! On CCA I have done even higher, high score being 65k.

    I am really excited about the changes coming to torpedoes, the increased flight speed will be a huge DPS bump! The Kelvin torpedoes have upwards of 2k base DPS when equipped on a ship with only two torpedo damage boosting consoles for example, and I think most of it comes from the flight speed. The reduced recharge time can be negated imho because in a torpedo boat I usually got 3 PWO in my active DOFF list, so the cooldown of the torpedoes is almost always reduced.

    I wish Borticus all the best in his work for STO, and I am looking forward to the community meetup after Gamescom next Sunday. I am pretty sure Borticus won’t be there, but I could at least meet other STO devs and fans and chat with them!


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