Lootcritter 2,000,000 Dilithium Shirts – ’cause​ you asked.


After the emails and tweets, I’ve made a version of my Star Trek Las Vegas shirt available through Cafe Press.  The price is a ridiculous $34, but the flipside is that they handle everything – including returns.  I will ‘make’ $4 per shirt, which will go to cover giveaways at a later date.  Assuming we sell even one 😉

Ironically that’s much less than 2,000,000 dilithium.

I pay to have this site professionally hosted with WordPress – so no, I’m not doing this to make money.  Patreon seems unnecessary for a blog. And I hate ads on sites.

I’ve added a link to all pages in the right-hand column.


The 2,000,000 Dilithium Shirts comes in 7 colors including ‘Lootcritter Red’ (LOL).

If you’d like to see something different – maybe text in a dilithium purple? – let me know in the comments below.  This is a parody shirt.

The shirts do not contain any copyrighted or trademarked content owned by CBS or it’s licensees; the font is a fan-produced version, and quite frankly if I get grief from STO, I’ll take it down.  If the quality sucks, I’ll take it down.

This is a #IStandWithCBS site – no need to go full Axanar 😉

r/sto is a great forum for Star Trek Online, but they have rules to prevent other bloggers from overwhelming their site.  If you see a DO NOT REPOST at the top, please don’t repost.

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