750 Million EC & Prize Giveaway in support of FedSim & KDFSim channels

First winners pulled! Detailed list later today. 2 drawings to go! If you missed your prizes, we will be on later today!



I’m giving away 750 million worth of ships, gear, and EC to help drive awareness of 2 channels in the game. 

Why?  It’s my way of saying thanks to the players who created FedSim and KDFSim

When does this happen: Saturday, January 27th, 2018 at

  • 10:00am PST  – 6:00pm UTC
  • 1:00pm PST – 9:00pm UTC
  • and the final drawing at 7:00pm PST SATURDAY  – 3:00 am UTC on SUNDAY.

How do you enter?  It’s really simple.  Just be in either the FedSim or KDFSimchannels at the times and day listed above, and the lootcritter@ddesjardins will ask you to reply in-channel with a simple phrase like ‘I like cookies’ or with a hashtag like  #fedsimYou will have 60 seconds to enter – and you may only enter once.  Spamming your name will be frowned upon. We’ll capture your name for a random drawing, and use a random number generator to select multiple winners.  It’s that simple.

Prizes will be awarded in person.  Yes, I’ll be clearing out my mute list – so anyone can enter.

Prize List (it’s growing)

  • 3 T6 Ships – Tzenkethi Escort, Herald Vomph Dreadnought, Nakuhl Acheros
  • 2 T5 N’kam Scouts
  • 2 sets of Ultra Rare AEGIS gear
  • 3 UR PEP Torpedoes
  • 250 bundle of contraband (start your own distribution network!)
  • 4 Ultra Rare TR-116B Rifles
  • 1 EPIC Phased Tetryon Pulsewave Assault (Very hard to find, classic wetwork weapon)
  • and 250 million EC!

Back Story – what’s up with this giveaway?

So with any new chat channel set up for a specific event, there will be growing pains as players work out the ‘rules’ of engagement.  Dranuur Colony’s invasion simulation by its very nature is a pain in the ass to organize.  But within a few short weeks, people settled on a way to advertise games, build teams, and task teams with specific in-mission elements.

With organization comes rules, and in the case of one channel, admins that take thier role a little too diligently.  The rules were simple at first – stay focused on 1 sim at a time, but then became more stringent  You can’t talk in-channel.  No sharing of help. First, it was mutes, and then came bans, often based on petty behavior by a few.  Drama it seems, became the artificial catch-all for anything the admins didn’t like.

The final straw for me was the perversion of the ‘no ninja’ rule.

Cross channel advertising is a fact of day to day life in all the channels I’m aware of.  You clearly advertise what you’re doing, wait your turn, and then build a team.  But in the simulation channel – this was advertising competitors.  This was not allowed.  Yes, it was a stupid rule but I was willing to overlook it as other channels were becoming easier and faster for setting up simulation runs.

So while the drama grew with the simulation admins over a new website, officer ranks and discord channels –  the new FedSim and KDFSimchannels were hustling with new business.  While the simulation channels sat unused most nights, you’d be hard-pressed not to find multiple simulations being organized in FedSim, and in one case @lothtia was running multiple back-to-back marathons of the event.  Drawing players from multiple channels –FedSim and it’s kdf counterpart became for me my first choice.

One night – 2 players were lamenting that in the simulation channel that nothing was happening.  In fact the channel had been dead for over 2 hours – so I reached out and told them directly to join us over in FedSim.  Yeah, yeah, I should have done it in a /tell.  We had one in progress needing an extra sci, and 2 more that were just 3 players shy of starting.  Seemed simple enough.  For helping 2 players I was banned hours later by an admin who wasn’t even there.  My first ban in 7 years of helping other players.

Dick move [Redacted], dick move.

I get there need to be “rules”.  I get that sometimes players take their roles a tad too seriously.  That’s why the community is still offering missions across channels, but quietly not mentioning who is doing the inviting.

So, if you’re looking for help and want to run the colony invasion simulations – please come join us in FedSim and KDFSim channels -everyone’ss welcome.  In the time it took to type this blog post 3 simulation runs formed in the fed sim channel. and 1 half formed in ‘other’ channel.

Thank you to @raven_zero, the admins and regular daily players for making FedSim and KDFSim the real place for simulation!

Updated with UTC times

The ower of the channel replied via the comments section.  My response:

Hi Maikel –

Thanks for the comment, and I appreciate the language barrier. I have rules as well. Your post shows the other side and I’d happily approve it, but while you ban people for helping others, you’ll not get the ability to post on my site.

My suggestion to de-escalate the issue, revise your rules to be STO standard and allow cross-channel chatter. Rescind the mutes and ban and I might support your channel as well.

As for publically shaming people – get used to it. I have. Anytime you post something publically there will always be people for and against. I have a fair amount of readers who disagree with anything I write, and a larger number who agree 😉

The Lootcritter

3 thoughts on “750 Million EC & Prize Giveaway in support of FedSim & KDFSim channels

  1. Good luck with this – Not the first time I have heard similar stories about a certain channel. I prefer PUGs due to their random make up but might join as the PVE ques are dead


  2. that’s what happened to me as well
    and the arrogant channel died for me
    they should talk to themselves there
    And thx for FED/KDFSim chanel


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