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Timberwolf’s YouTube Channel

timberwolf-smallTimberwolf’s channel offers a variety of build advice, game tips, and queue guides.  In addition to helping me out with the occasional ship review, Timberwolf provides unbiased opinions on changes to Star Trek Online each and every week as part of the Pilot Review Show.  His down-to-earth style will appeal to players of every level, providing valuable advice and guidance.  Definitely worth checking out! (@timberwolf1701)

You can find his most current postings here on his YouTube Channel.

Teacher Kirby’s YouTube Channel

photo-1I have a soft spot for Teach Kirby’s videos – she’s helped me remember much of what I’ve forgotten about the game – from settings management to general play tips that help make the game more enjoyable.  Autofire on the ground you say?  I didn’t know that was possible!  Get the most out of Star Trek Online’s often complicated (and undocumented) features, episode walkthroughs and play tips here on Kirby’s Channel.


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