Review: Echoes of Light – 4/5 Stars

Mission Brief Exploration-intense episode Trek-heavy dialogue that hints at multiple, complex storylines A pastiche of Trek source material and classic TV sci-fi Incredible environmental artwork Eminently repeatable Worthwhile, usable rewards 4/5 Stars SPOILERS AHEAD – but hey, it’s been 4 weeks since it’s release 😉 It’s our first mission since the conclusion of the Future Proof storyline, and we are ready for some non-temporal adventures this time … Continue reading Review: Echoes of Light – 4/5 Stars

Review of ‘Midnight’: 5/5 Stars

Review of Midnight: 5/5 Stars The final episode of the Iconian War Arc, and the culmination of five years of Star Trek Online. As a resolution to a five-year arc Midnight is both satisfying and thoughtful, and to a greater extent has realigned Star Trek Online back to the core values of Star Trek. Surprises, role reversals, and a MacGuffin – Midnight is an episode that will … Continue reading Review of ‘Midnight’: 5/5 Stars