VICTORY IS LIFE: Expansion Review, by Hippie John

Lootcritter: Hope everyone is enjoying Canada Day today, and as a special treat Hippie John has offered his take on the new Star Trek Online expansion: Victory is Life.  Enjoy! My favorite Star Trek of all time to this day remains The Original Series. It’s what little kid me remembers Mom and Dad letting me watch after Saturday Morning Cartoons were over. It has that … Continue reading VICTORY IS LIFE: Expansion Review, by Hippie John

First Thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery

MILD SPOILERS AHEAD From the moment we heard about the production and frustrated that they had nothing to show us at STLV50 – the production has been a target of naysayers and purists who spun each delay and production issue into a prediction of doom. Even the few early posters on Variety had a strong negative vibe for a new series. I can safely attest … Continue reading First Thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery

Review: Echoes of Light – 4/5 Stars

Mission Brief Exploration-intense episode Trek-heavy dialogue that hints at multiple, complex storylines A pastiche of Trek source material and classic TV sci-fi Incredible environmental artwork Eminently repeatable Worthwhile, usable rewards 4/5 Stars SPOILERS AHEAD – but hey, it’s been 4 weeks since it’s release 😉 It’s our first mission since the conclusion of the Future Proof storyline, and we are ready for some non-temporal adventures this time … Continue reading Review: Echoes of Light – 4/5 Stars

Review of ‘Midnight’: 5/5 Stars

Review of Midnight: 5/5 Stars The final episode of the Iconian War Arc, and the culmination of five years of Star Trek Online. As a resolution to a five-year arc Midnight is both satisfying and thoughtful, and to a greater extent has realigned Star Trek Online back to the core values of Star Trek. Surprises, role reversals, and a MacGuffin – Midnight is an episode that will … Continue reading Review of ‘Midnight’: 5/5 Stars