Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 151: Kurland here! – Insight into the new BOFF training system with Jeremy “Borticus” Randall

Do you ever wonder what was behind a the thought process on a change to your favorite #STO feature?  Given the major upgrade of the Bridge Officer training system, it’s nice when we get to look behind the curtain to get a better understanding of why those changes were made.

This week on Tribbles in Ecstasy #151, Jeremy “Borticus” Randall offers an in depth look at those changes, his personal favorites for the new abilities, and insight on how he became a valued member of the Cryptic team.

It’s worth a listen to especially while your waiting for the server to stop rubber banding.

Tribbles is a Community based weekly talk show sponsored by Be sure to tune in Friday, 8pm EST on for their live show and listen to their audio remastered shows on Holosuite Media and on iTunes.

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