Not Working As Intended – Kemocite III +Torpedo Spread 3, Targeting the Idiot who budgets resources for QA.

Repeat after me: “Dev’s are not responsible for this mess.  It’s the person who budgets QA time.”  and “Laughing Trendy is Always Awesome”.   There, my good deed done for the day.

I was looking forward to posting a positive review of the Romulan Pilot ship tonight, but I made a huge mistake.  I took a chance and ran a Delta Recruit on a ground run on the Solanae Dyson Sphere.

The sphere was oddly empty.  In the back of my mind I was thinking – man, I remember when this place was hopping!  I ran towards the first red sector, finished the first goal when the game crashed.  *Sigh*  tried to log back on with the same alt.  Crashed Again.  Tried a third time, this time the game would not even get to the loading window – and it crashed again.

I was in the dreaded Solanae Sphere –  Black Hole of Crash Doom.

Each time as the crash reporting window opens, it automatically closes just a few seconds later.  Clearly the reporting team needs to see ‘no reports’ for these type of crashes, or they have so many now, any extra is screaming into the vacuum of Bug Space.  Likely working as intended.  So I play the ‘checking files game’ and cruise through Reddit whilst I wait.



Bugs are synonymous with Cryptic products.  Bugs are a fact of life with Star Trek Online.  All MMO’s have them, but I don’t recall ever having this many in WOW, or RIFTS or… well you get the idea.  From old bugs that never get fixed (low NO priority) to entirely new ones introduced to prevent some players from completing Delta Recruits (Defera – I am looking at you!) – Star Trek Online has been awash with player-frustrating bugs for as long as I can remember.  I don’t consider the issues with the KDF as bugs, merely as conditioning factors to convince players to play Federation characters.

Some players take the mechanics more seriously than Cryptic.  A good example of this is a great video from Snipey47a & Odenknight, as they run some tests on torpedos specifically the [Pen] modifier on crafted torpedos as well as the new Bridge Officer ability known as Kemocite Laced Weaponry.   It’s entitled “Working as Intended”.

Clearly testing across the different varieties of torpedo is a job of fans.  I wonder if Snipey and Odenknight can put that on a resume?

With some luck I’ll retrieve my Defera-“challeneged” Delta Recruit (who can’t complete Delta Recruits), and be able to restart my game.  In 20 minutes.  If I am lucky.

Crosis@crosis2014: they constantly test our patience and willingness to play the game
Nighthawk@MrScottie: seems more like a social experiment than a game at times

Can’t agree more 😉

4 thoughts on “Not Working As Intended – Kemocite III +Torpedo Spread 3, Targeting the Idiot who budgets resources for QA.

    1. Interesting perspective. I do like the game – a lot. I just think that a game that I pay for, should at least work as advertised. And more importantly, that if you don’t like something, you’re free to speak your mind. Hence why I created my own blog.

      If you don’t like what you read here – don’t read it 🙂


  1. The feeling is mutual – my blog would be a much emptier place without the efforts of you and many others who take the time (and have the patience) to test and review. I get Cryptic can’t test to perfection. But with the right amount of community support, a balance that benefits Cryptic and the fans is entirely possible.

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