Midweek Updates: More Lag Fixes, All Things Risa, and an Updated Ship Release List


With one massive list of latency-inducing fixes now complete, Salami Inferno gave us a sneak peak at list #2 (although on closer inspection it looks like two lists.  On Bigger sheets of paper).  Anyone want to make a bet the next list is printed on a billboard?  In all seriousness, thumbs-up to the entire team for tackling this issue.

and more:


On Tuesday Borticus chimed in on the forums and on Twitter that the reward payouts for favors during the Risa Summer event is are increasing.  Details are sketchy for the moment, but a doubling of some rewards was mentioned.

Captain, she’s flying backwards!

Pictures finally emerge for the Randy Nandi, then next promotional ship for the summer event.  While we’ve known for a while the capabilities of the ship courtesy of the early testers on Tribble – what’s garnered an active discussion is the possibility that she has 6 bridge officer slots.  S I X.

Her appearance has also generated a lot of commentary in that it looks like she’s flying backwards.  While the hull does have many features that scream ‘Ferengi Design Aesthetics’, her winglets appear to be pointing the wrong way. It’s a minor issue, but certainly one that fans of TNG will notice.

MOAR SHIPS!  we don’t have enough ships to enjoy!

After we published a list of what may be coming*, we got an update on more ships coming with season 10.5:

  • T6 Krenim Imperium Warship (lockbox ship, likely)
  • T6 Krenim Science Dreadnought (Lobi ship, likely)
  • T6 Zahl Heavy Cruiser
  • T5, T5-U Nihydron Destroyer (very curious about this one)

Still hoping that a fix is in the works for player’s wanting to maintain more than 50 ships in their collections, hint hint.

* may be, as in they have not released ships in the past.  Cut or unusued content includes a T6 Kazon battlecruiser, Xindi Insectoid fighters, and a Xindi Primate Carrier.

One thought on “Midweek Updates: More Lag Fixes, All Things Risa, and an Updated Ship Release List

  1. See? Fairly good news, all around. 🙂 You did notice the Defiant/B’rel/T’Varo, and the Armitage/Raptor/Warbird escort carrier groups, too, yes?

    Also… the Zahl? Really, devs? I know which ship I’d cut/not release… 😛


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