Star Trek Online: Modeling Omega

A wonderfully illustrated view of the design process for model Omega, Winner of the Federation Carrier / Project Pantheon contest with commentary from:

  • Hector Ortiz – Concept Artist
  • Ian “Jamjamz” Richards – Ship Artist
  • Samuel “Swallrus” Wall – Art Lead

While we’re a ways away from finding out about her stats and features, I can’t help but cross both fingers and toes while chanting “please let it have Frigate pets.  PLEASE let it have Frigate pets…”

A quick update:  How big is it?

4 thoughts on “Star Trek Online: Modeling Omega

    1. Very this! I love my Fleet Vo’quv, but she’s showing her design’s age a bit. She needs a T6 makeover when the Newpiter drops (and ibhuess a Romulan carrier to, for parity s sake).


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