DT Fleet

News Updates

  • 4/16 Updated Bank storage, guidelines for usage

Banking Guidelines

  1. Please add your deposits to the deposits tab.
  2. DO NOT DEPOSIT lockboxes.
  3. Borrow EC as you need it.  Replenish what you take when you can.
  4. If you need gear while leveling, help yourself.  If you need something made, let me know at thrax@ddesjardins.

Bank Changes

  • Renamed last two tabs; Added Skills, renamed R&D (RnD) Materials
  • Added Ground Gear
  • Energy Credits – increased minimum withdrawals for all fleet members
    Recruit – 50K
    Officer -100K
    Veteran – 250K
    Warrant, Senior Chief- 500K
    Exec – 1000K
  • Consumables
    Recruit increased to 5
    Officers increased to 10
  • Renamed by usage: space weapons, space consoles, space gear
  • recycled or sold outdated tech; old kits, old recipes and plans