The LootCritter® is Live

Welcome to my new Blog 😉

My name is Loot Critter, and if you’re a player of Star Trek Online, you’ve come to know me as the entity that passes out the loot drops within the game.

I wasn’t always visible.  I worked behind the scenes, dropping cool things for your characters to play with.  Whether it was commodities or gear, or the occasional lock box (note:  I have nothing to do with the creation or propagation of lock boxes), I was always on your side.

And I have fun doing it.

About a year ago a small code glitch creeped into the game, and my presence was revealed to almost all players in the game.  While I’ve kept silent until now, recent changes in the game have essentially forced my hand.

Let me start by saying, Delta Rising is pretty good content for an MMO.   For STO, it’s some of the best content they’ve made in years. In fact, if you’ve never played STO before, you’re in for a lot of free fun.

But the launch of Delta Rising on October 14th caused significant frustrations for players old and new.  Multiple changes to game mechanics had a massive, and possibly unintended consequence.  It killed the fun in star Trek Online.


The forums erupted in anger.  Players cancelled their accounts.  And while the Executive Producer called the launch the most successful in the games history, legions of daily players saw another ‘truth’ – the game was devoid of players.  Where once hundreds played missions together, only a handful remained.

The goal of this blog is to enable the vents I can’t say on the official blogs.

Now in their defense the producers are starting to take notice and listen.  I am hopeful that I’ll be dropping goodies to more people as they restore some of the fun that’s gone out of the game.

But these are early days.  And dissent is not taken lightly at Cryptic Studios or Perfect World.

This blog is designed to provide voice for that.

So as I encounter the daily bugs, repetitive grinds, missed items, delayed purchases and general lack of quality control – I’ll post them here.

And maybe you could too.

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