Dividing the Community, one parse at a time.

One of the unforeseen consequences that came with Delta Rising was the radical leap forward in damage potential with weapons upgrades and abilities.

For most players this was supposed to be a long-term project.  Upgrades to weapons and gear sets are ridiculously expensive in dilithium and EC if you’re not able make your own upgrades.

R&D give you the ability to make the upgrades possible, but for first time players it is months of daily playing before upgrades are reasonably priced at level 15.

On the whole, time gated projects can be skipped if you’re willing to spend real world currency.  Theoretically you can earn these in-game, but it would require a daily dedication per toon that mathematically would take years to complete.

PROTIP: Don’t spend dilithium on R&D.  Wait it out.  If you were to pay your way to level 20 in all 9 schools (plus the 2 about to be released) you would spend $4500 USD.

The problem is that Cryptic raised the difficulty across the board, with the intent of slowing players who paid their way to maximum DPS. The end result is that the game for the most part can no longer be played by casual players.

Imagine the shock that after two years of grinding that your gear was no longer elite, or that you could not possibly succeed in the ‘revised elite’ now called ‘advanced’ content.

Into this mix of personal nerfing lets add pretentious postings by a relative few who put DPS above everything else.  From my perspective it’s fine to brag, but when that bragging encourages Cryptic to increase the difficulty for everyone, I have to draw a line.

Earlier today they posted another video of a fleet of Scimitars supporting one player as he pushed a Galaxy-X to over 45K dps.  Truly a great job of piloting.  Once again the forums ask – can you do it without the support of the largest and most powerful ships in the game.

Instead of humbly accepting the challenge, they chose instead to mock the player base.


It seems that with the current changes to the game, the developers would agree.

Updates: that player just did it in an NX-class, backed up by 4 scimitars.  Proving the point that while backed by the largest and most destructive ships in the game, even an NX class (outfitted with the most expensive gear) can overwhelm the developers intentions.

2 thoughts on “Dividing the Community, one parse at a time.

  1. Nicely put, and mostly accurate. . . .except, you are completely misinterpreting sarcasmdetectors post. What he is trying to convey is that we do not want to do the run in T1 ships so that we “Don’t” humiliate 90% of the player base. Reread it. We are, in fact, very sensitive to the player base in whole and do NOT want to shove it in their face. To the contrary, we want to teach those willing to listen and explore, how to chase dps–if this is indeed what they want to accomplish. Ask anyone around, anyone who asks us for help, we readily give them our time and energy.

    We get attacked out of ignorance on the forums constantly. They question our methods; they say we use hacks, they dismiss our dps output; etc. In other words, people look at what we do with the mindset of tearing it down rather than examining how we do it. We release these videos to show how utterly broken this game is–and make no mistake, it is!

    As for Delta Rising and what it has done to the game, it can be summed up in a few words: The Have and Have Nots. Besides utterly killing PvP (look at the pvp queues and . . . .[cricket chirping]), they have literally made it mostly impossible for a brand new player to enter into the game and try to max themselves out in a reasonable amount of time–the sheer amount of dil, ec, AND zen is staggering. I would even go to say that for the elite and rich players, Delta Rising has also massively discouraged the rolling of additional toons. Why roll a new toon and then have to dump ungodly amount of resources into taking everything epic when you already have a fully maxed toon? They have also hurt fleets too–again, there is currently no need for fleet gear anymore due to the crafting of superior items. Fleet ships are inferior to Zen ships now.

    It is quite easy to go on and on and on, but the mess the devs made is lengthy. And to be honest, I am not sure it can be fixed.



  2. Perhaps I have misread @sarcasmdetectors comments. My original post on the subject was far more personal in my disapproval, but thankfully we have people who like to proof read and point out where I went too far. I lpove the game, but hate the new direction.

    Your are so right. The games shift to ‘the haves and have-not’s’ has really killed the fun, and any hope of building the player base.

    STO was about community, working together, and kicking Borg ass when we had nothing else to do. We worked years to get decent enough that we sailed through the elite STF’s. We wanted something harder, but what we didn’t want was to lose our standing in the game.

    I hope the devs will listen. They have hinted at changes to come. But I think they’re not sincere.


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