Doffing & Database Response Times

One of the reasons I suspect why they’ve slowed certain response times (Exchange, Doffing), and rolled back traits to 8 (9 if you’re a Fleet Admiral) is that we’re overwhelming the server.  Too many of us doing the the same thing at the same time.

The exchange during the first few days of any update is a prime example.

One area that drives me and many others crazy is the response times for doffing and R&D.  Why is there a long wait time to finish each of these projects.  The times seem random and certainly are more annoying than helpful.

The mods has gone to great lengths to stifle these complaints:


Given that the player base has shrunk, and the number of active players is at yearly lows, do you think the developers would remove this ‘time gate’ when we’re wrapping up projects?

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