PETSF Conversation: Why are the Queues Dead?

A returning player jumped into PublicEliteSTF a few moments ago, looking to catch up on the latest before joining the queues.

[PublicEliteSTF] Ageon@xxxxxxxxx: what happened to the cues? theyre empty
[PublicEliteSTF] Glen@yyyyyyyyyyyyyy: delta rising
[PublicEliteSTF] A’Thot@zzzzzzz: difficult hike, XP and dil nerf, and your leet gear sucks now
[PublicEliteSTF] Pabst@wwwwwwwww: you have to rebuy ships
Ageon@xxxxxxxxx: that sucks. I have better games to play than grind again
[PublicEliteSTF] Ageon@xxxxxxxxx: i’m out of here.  peace

While not entirely accurate about gear and ship re-buying, the impression the conversation made on the casual gamer was simple, quick and immediately effective.  Three players, in unison with essentially the same message.  Result: Cryptic lost another casual gamer.

This has become a serious perception issue.

The queues continue to remain empty 4 weeks into Delta Rising’s launch.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks STO will have a large influx of new casual and returning players.  Beyond the free carrier in the winter event, what will Cryptic do to prevent the above impression from further spreading into the community.

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