Perfect World’s Q3 results down, American operations blamed for the drop.

As reported by Jef Reahard, Massively

Perfect World’s third quarter profits fell, according to a financial results document published yesterday by the free-to-play giant. CEO Robert Xiao blamed PW’s American operations for the drop, though he said the firm remains “confident in the long-term prospects of our US subsidiary given its strong R&D and operational capabilities as well as [its] promising pipeline.”

Perfect World declined to comment on the performance of Neverwinter’s Q3 console launch. It did note that it is localizing the fantasy MMO for China, where the company has seen its concurrent user numbers drop from 778,000 to 623,000 inside of a year.

Full Announcement from PR Newswire:
Perfect World Announces Third Quarter 2014 Unaudited Financial Results

2 thoughts on “Perfect World’s Q3 results down, American operations blamed for the drop.

  1. Looks like head office cracked the whip and their knee jerk reaction flushed a lot of players out of the revenue stream. Now it seems like they can sense their necks are on the chopping block because you can taste the fear and desperation with sale on top of sale on top of discount zen. I’m not sure exactly what’s at stake. Whether it’s a change of leadership which might be a good thing or maybe we’re witnessing the game’s final months. Who knows… All I know is that with the latest expansion I payed them a nice up-front lump sum to take something I liked and turn it into something I didn’t and that’s left me raw. Now I just wait impatiently for news that someone is working to bring back the fun.


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