Priority One Ep 200: Captain Gecko Talks cost reductions and game balance.

Congratulations to Priority One on their 200th episode.  A great in-depth interview regarding development costs, player retention and game balance.

It certainly opened my eyes as to their intentions versus what was actually was deployed.

Hearing that Cryptic is still adjusting as they go is reassuring.

Gecko – “we don’t know what that balance should be, (but we’re working on it)”

Congratulations to Cryptic on its financial success with DR, but I still question the validity that the low participation rates in the queues is due to a technical reporting error.  Fleet participation is at it’s lowest point in a YOY comparison.  Maybe there’s a reporting error in that as well.

We’ve seen another week of small changes with a major change regarding R&D costs inbound this week with the update for Winter Wonderland.

My only thought as to costs – the infographic was spot on for costs upgrading existing endgame gear.  Gecko went to great pains to separate common Mk XII gear upgrade costs from elite end-game gear.

How many of you play with Mk XII common gear?  Just curious…

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