The Queues are Still Dead Jim.

Its been a week since Gecko’s comment that the low count of people in queues was the result of a reporting error.  With the exception of Crystalline Catastrophe Advanced and the Winter events, the queues are empty.

As a comparison from last year at the time of this posting, there was 700+ players in the visible queues in quick play and private; today there is 240+.

Are we flogging a dead horse?  Are queues a thing of the past?

3 thoughts on “The Queues are Still Dead Jim.

  1. One of my favorite scrimmages before Delta was the 20 player Starbase Fleet Defense. Depending on the time of day you could get the queue filled in around 5-10 minutes from empty. Now? Dead. Mostly sits at 0 with the occasional, overly optimistic 1 or 2 signing up. It’s seeing things like this that make me open the launcher, stare at the Engage button for a while, ask myself “what’s the point?”, and close the launcher again. Used to be I couldn’t wait to get back in game every chance I had.

    I don’t think anybody swallowed the “reporting error” lie. Anyone who plays the game knows the queues are a ghost town. Where is everyone? If they’re not re-running an event they’re off chasing Dilithium. It’s simple effort/reward calculus and the lack of diversity that results just makes the game a boring slog.

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  2. I completely agree.

    I think that Gecko was caught off-guard, or was caught up in the moment during the interview. It’s hard to argue when a player sits in an empty queue for 20+ minutes,

    For me personally it’s looking at fleet members last login dates. From having 4-6 members on at any point of the day or night (8-9 during afternoons), to having just 1 really says a lot about the state of the game.

    I love the game, but it needs other players to work. Gecko seems to be oblivious of that.


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