Insiders Views on Working at Cryptic

It’s safe to say that quality issues, and a general disconnect between the EP and the IP itself has lead #STO in a direction that hasn’t been popular.

Delta Rising could have been spectacular.  Instead it was mired in QA issues and a management conceit that the players where the people at fault.  The disingenuous manner in which complaints were handled, and the outright ‘spin’ offered by Gecko in response has turned a truly great game with awesome potential into a lack-luster MMO replacing fun with endless grinds.

Reddit poster wizardcourt pointed out that from a business side, even employes have noticed the changes, and agree – the direction is wrong.

2015-01-03_1523The last paragraph of that comment speaks volumes.

A point about Glassdoor:  It’s employee facing, and only a few employers respond.  My experience has been that the content is skewed towards the employee, but more often than not it’s a brutal assessment.  Management tends to see the staff with rose-colored glasses, and Glassdoor reviews are often downgraded as ’employee angst’.

Read the full reviews here:

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