Benthan Assault Cruiser is Flying Backwards.

A somewhat interesting, if embarrassing problem with the Benthan Assault Cruiser was first noticed by @vengefuldjinn and posted on the forums.

In STO, the Benthan Assault Cruiser is flying backwards. 

Makes you wonder who on the design team actually watches Star Trek: Voyager.

From the Wiki page:


From in game footage:

Now from Star Trek: Voyager – SE04EP20 – Vis à Vis

3 thoughts on “Benthan Assault Cruiser is Flying Backwards.

  1. Backwards or not – in-game she looks pretty as is.
    And for all the lot of us know, the mistake was actually in the show, which only show the ships moving for a few seconds – it would be the first time that the special effect department messed things up, but by the time production caught on, either time or money constraints (or both) were such that they simple said “to hell with it – it goes it like it is…”


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