New R&D School and New BOFF Training Mechanism for STO

At first read, the new BOFF system for training actually sounds like an improvement.  Yes there will be a small dilithium cost to create the training manuals, but the ability to resell these manuals on the exchange simplifies an already bugged system.

If you’ve purchased an Intel ship during the recent expansion, you were quickly dissapointed when you tried to have other captains train them.  Both the Delta Operations Pack officers and the VR Intel BOFFS on ESD/Quonos were not trade-able.

The new system looks like this:

  1. New skills still cost XP and EC to implement, and require the expenditure of a Training Manual.  The manual can be used once.
  2. The new skill appears to be permanent. Looking for clarification on this.
    UPDATE: You can have multiple skills!
  3. A new R&D school has been added for the creation of Training Manuals.
  4. Training Manuals can be bought for EC from the duty officer and resold.
  5. BOFFs can now get specializations which when unlocked, allows them to be trained with additional skills. This looks very cool. What’s interesting is that the post suggests your bridge officers can have more than one specialization, and can change them like traits outside of combat.  I can foresee lockbox BOFFS with very unique specializations coming soon.
  6. Creation of Training manuals through R&D does have a small dilithium cost – but these can be resold.

I’m ok with the thought of once a BOFF is trained, he doesn’t retrain.   I have enjoyed the flexibility of retraining officers as I needed too, but that mechanic always seemed unrealistic.  It’s also time that I reduced the 20+ BOFFS per ALT.

This isn’t a new dilithium sink IMO.  Hint Hint Cryptic:  Add more dilithium please and maybe reconsider upping the refinement allowance.

My primary concern is how this new feature is rolled out.  After the buggy roll-outs of load-outs (it’s still a problem for some) and the mechanics for XP and difficulty, has Cryptic spent enough time in QA?

What do you think.?

LaughingTrendys original blog post can be found here.

2 thoughts on “New R&D School and New BOFF Training Mechanism for STO

  1. At first glance it seems like a less clunky system than we’re used to. If it operates as advertised then I welcome it with open arms. The only annoying part is the crafting requirements (10/20 levels in a specialization to unlock). Whenever the game throws more snail’s pace grind in my face I am overcome with a tired feeling – especially since there’s a whole lot less variety of play now with the dead queues. The login button these days feels like I’m clapping on a ball and chain which is why I close the launcher half as many times as I open it. Way to ween me off my STO addiction, Cryptic!

    2015 needs to be a year where Cryptic fixes the fun:grind ratio, balances the classes, and becomes Johnny On The Spot at fixing bugs (Intelligence Team doesn’t apply its stealth buff for how many patch notes has it been now? This just makes you look downright incompetent).

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