Tribble Dump hints at new Hybrid ‘Command’ Specialists, 2ndry Deflectors and more

Tribbles’ late afternoon update this past Friday contained a number of expected and unexpected updates to Star Trek Online.

The revamp of the BOFF training system looks surprisingly well thought out and useful.  Major changes include the UI and iconography (reported here earlier), and a new system to train bridge officers.  The general feed back has been overwhelmingly positive.

Secondary Deflectors – the much talked about but little seen boost for science ships is now a reality, with options for purchase and crafting. It appears there will be three groups of secondary deflectors initially available (info from Reddit’s justsomeguyorgal):

  • Resonating Secondary Deflector Mk II [Em][PrtG][SA +Heal] (Applies Hardening Buff to HE, MES, PH, ST, TSS PO, reduces damage to shields by 2.5% for 15sec) Increases effectiveness of Hull heals by 2% for 15sec
  • Deteriorating Secondary Deflector Mk II [+Chance][FlwC][Sen]- (Minor Radiation DOT applies to: Tachyon, CBB, Energy Siphon, Tyken’s, Viral- Deals X radiation dmg to foe (50% shield Pen) every sec for 10 sec)No idea what the Chance Mod does
  • Inhibiting Secondary Deflector MK II [Em][FlwC]- (After 4sec Moderate Radiation Dmg, applies to TB, TBR, Jam, Scramble, Grav Well, Shockwave)

The first surprise was the removal of accolade bonuses.  The general impression amongst players I’ve spoken with is that this is meant to ‘clean up’ the system in anticipation of new abilities through upcoming specializations trees.

Content in the Romulan story arc has been removed and replaced by 4 episodes, 2 of which are entirely new to the game.  The goal appears to be to further integrate the Romulan storyline and to RETCON superfluous story elements.

Episodes which have been removed are: “Under the Cover of Night” “Minefield” “Divide et Impera” “Saturday’s Child” “Preemptive Strike” “Hunting the Hunters” “Project Nightingale” “Ground Zero” “Ghost Ship” “Friend of My Enemy” “Trapped”

The real surprise was the new Command Specialization Tree for captains and a new hybrid class of BOFF likely tied to a new ship to be released during the 5th Anniversary (speculation, but it makes sense).   The system appears to be incomplete as the new BOFF is currently unavailable. (info from Reddit’s justsomeguyorgal):

Update: Command Specialization Tree

Command BOFF Abilities

  • No way to obtain a Command BOFF.
  • Manuals do not say what a power does. Can only provide names of powers.
  • Ensign Space- Overwhelming Emitters I, Concentrate Firepower I, Reroute Power from Life Support I
  • LT Space- Overwhelm Emitters II, Concentrate Firepower I, Reroute Power from Life Support II, Rally Point Marker I, Subspace Interception I, Needs of the Many I, Ambush Marker I
  • LTC Space- Rally Point Marker II, Subspace Interception II, Needs of the Many II, Ambush Marker II, Phalanx Formation I, Call Emergency Artiller I, Suppression Barrage I
  • Cmdr Space- Phalanx Formation II, Call Emergency Artiller II, Suppression Barrage II
  • Ensign Ground- Take Cover I, Hammer and Anvil I, Overwhelm Shields I, Shock and Awe I
  • LT Ground- Take Cover II, Hammer and Anvil II, Overwhelm Shields II, Shock and Awe II, Strategic Analysis I, Delegated Devastation I, Timely Intervention I
  • LTC Ground- Strategic Analysis II, Delegated Devastation II, Timely Intervention II, Coordinate Bombing Strike I, Return Fire I, Sanctuary Bunker I
  • Cmdr Ground- Coordinate Bombing Strike II, Return Fire II, Sanctuary Bunker II

Of course all of this information is subject to change prior to moving to Holodeck in 2 weeks.

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