Bridge Officers as Captains? (Updated)

In the previous post we wildly speculated that the incoming Command Specializations may have another use.

Looking at the powers below, its easy to see using them with my away team or as part of a group of like minded players in ground scenarios.  Some of the space powers don’t make sense if it’s just for one ship, or if its for a group of players say in an STF.  They seem impractical, or at least very situational.  Unless it’s meant to control pets?  Or a task force ships commanded by your officers…?

A Reddit poster pointed this out to me a few minutes ago:

2015-01-14_1357Oh Cryptic, doth thou vexes me so…

While the promotion dialog content on Holodeck mentions Captain, it clearly states Cannot promote this officer in bold red letters.  The dialog on Tribble is new.

Update: Despite there being a ‘new’ dialog about promoting bridge officers to captain, there’s apparently a post in the Tribble forums that there are “no plans” for this feature at this time.  I’d could not be more skeptical if the post was written by John Harrison.

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