It’s normal for any launch to have issues, and the 5th Anniversary of Star Trek Online is no exception.  My advice if you do try to play anything, try to keep your sense of humor.  QA is a frustrating process* that your not sure if it will work until it’s really live.

Oh and the new Harry Kim mission is a lot of fun 😉

A list of the current issues is below:


Lag & Rubberbanding – This is normal on launch day, although today’s effects are highly  unusual with left to right rubber banding as if you’ve hit an obstacle.  At times it’s making the game unplayable for some.  Note this seems to be affecting everyone, so it’s not a connection issue at your end.  Yes, they are aware of the problem.

Party Patrols – Q’s are not refreshing properly causing some Q’s to multiply making the final outcome a complete guess 2015-01-29_1343. Some Q’s remain and overlap attempts to play the game.  It’s been reported and the team has identified the problem and are investigating.

Bridge Officers – Bridge officers have had their abilities reset to their original abilities but not to worry, the abilities are not go.  Open up the bridge offer skills page, and select the powers you want.  No retraining necessary.  This is a cool update, and very welcome indeed.  Something have changed though – you can no longer use one officer to train another sadly and those rare hard to get abilities are not currently available.

Omega Stabilization – the game currently is having issue in the game not recording a score, and that rewards cannot be earned.  Particles are often auto fails, and cannot be stabilized .The team is investigating.

A number of other issues are in the process of being cataloged and reviewed.  Everything from Secondary Deflectors to the usual costume defects or inability to use.

*24 years of QA experience from common websites to enterprise cloud-based software applications.  Good QA is about time and money, something Cryptic does not have in abundance.

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