Dust to Dust Maze Map

*spoilers ahead*

The Dust to Dust Maze

The maze obstacle map is simple enough that either the left or right-hand rule (follow one wall only to exit the map) will guide you through soon enough.  There is no time limit of completing the maze.  If you wish to have the Kobali bridge officer, and don’t find her by going left, simply turn around at the exit and continue the same wall until you do. As with all unique bridge officers, you can only provision her once.

Zi2tZdI’ve converted the map to a *.gif for mobile users..

This map was created by by @azniadeet, ironically moments after CaptainGecko joked about not seeing one online already.  You can find the original post here.

5 thoughts on “Dust to Dust Maze Map

  1. this map is not accurate in the top half… once past the second stair case the map is no longer accurate. can you do nothing right you tard.


    1. Ok – I’ve used it 16 times already myself, and it gets downloaded here more than 250x a day. Countless times more on in the forums and from the wiki. But I’ll check it again in a few minutes – have to run 8 more alts through it today for the second part of the giveaway.

      You are the first complaint. perhaps you got turned around 😉


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