UPDATE: BorticusCryptic – We’ve boosted rewards on the minigame *smile*

UPDATE: Omega crafting is being extended indefinitely.

Meanwhile – after lying incorrectly posting information as to rewards, and then redacting the comments... (As I did just there)

The additional nerf  accidental change to multiple omega projects seems to be ‘another’ unintended error.

BorticusCryptic posts details on the revised Omega mini-game rewards:

Hey guys. We’d like to put an end to speculation over this, and instead let players just kick back and enjoy the Anniversary event, so we’re going to do our best to explain today’s changes to the Mini-Game. Hopefully it will set everyone’s minds at ease.

When the Omega Stabilization Mini-Game went live, we began to notice a few design shortcomings in the reward structure:
– Many players were opening the game, and not interacting with it, having come to believe that their performance in the mini-game was detached from the random rewards.
– Earning a high score in the Mini-Game did not guarantee any sort of increase in rewards.

Today’s patch was intended to solve both of the above issues, by changing the reward structure so that earning a higher score now guarantees better rewards, making engagement in the game mean something that is easily verifiable, and always worthwhile.

The old scoring/reward system was built around random chance that gradually increased in score. But it still meant that even when earning a Perfect Score (2600) there was still a decent chance of receiving nothing more than a single Common Material.

Here is the new reward structure, based on Score, as they stand after today’s patch:

0-850 = 1 Common
851-1300 = 2 Common
1301-1700 = 3 Common
1701-2000 = 1 Uncommon + 1 Common
2001-2300 = 1 Uncommon + 2 Common
2301+ = 1 Uncommon + 3 Common

In addition to the above guaranteed rewards, scoring anywhere above 1301 grants you an additional small chance to receive a Rare or Very Rare Material.

(All Common Traces received in all of the above rewards will match the color of the node interacted with.)


Jeremy Randall
Cryptic – Systems Design
“Play smart!

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