Prelude to Season X: LEAKS! T6 Exploration Cruiser & T6 Negh’Var

SPOILER-ALERTYou’ve been warned!  Really, you have been warned!
(Sounds like my ex.)

The usual sources have again dropped a ton of information regarding upcoming content to Star Trek Online’s yet-to-be-named Season 10.  I’m working on a list of top-ten rejected season names – if you’d like to suggest something, drop me a note in the comments below.

As always, please do not link this to Reddit or the forums.

Here we go:

  • T6 Exploration Cruiser and a T-6 Negh’Var – this isn’t surprising, and good new for my KDF toons who are in need of ship traits.
    ship_health_battlecruiser_neghvar_t6_bar ship_health_cruiser_exploration_t6_bar
  • Iconian Resistance Reputation – as with previous years, we will once again see a new reputation including new gear and weapons.  Iconian marks will be the reward for the The Herald Sphere’ mission.
  • Featured Episode Rewards: Romulan Imperial Set a.k.a. the Sela Set.
  • New Upgrade(s) – Romulan Imperials tech Upgrade, and a gold-tinged upgrade (speculation: lvl 20 upgrades?)

Plus a ton of new imagery from the upcoming mission with Sela:


One thought on “Prelude to Season X: LEAKS! T6 Exploration Cruiser & T6 Negh’Var

  1. Top Ten rejected Season names

    Nr. 10.: Season 10 : Fresh carrot on a stick
    9.: Season 10: We’re not Star Citizen
    8.: Season 10: Choose your modifiers for Season 11!
    7.: Season 10: Iconian munie drain
    6.: Season 10: We like Tetryon damage, too!
    5.: Season 10: 10k dps required
    4.: Season 10: We licensed the plot from Mass Effect 2!
    3.: Season 10: Every Weekend is a Bonus!
    2.: Season 10: We haz Iconians 😀
    Nr. 1: Season 10: We are hiring!

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