This is why I wish GM’s in STO were real.

Same guy, twice tonight.

You hear rumors about ‘people’ like this.  I’m running a list of them.

He enters a pug, agrees to a plan, then ignores it. In this case he triggers the spheres on one side of an ISA, then he goes to the other in his under performing Scimitar.  First in KSA, then ISA.  Just my luck to catch him twice.

Untitled-1His reasoning?  The devs have already screwed with the game.  He’s just hastening it’s death. When players talk about bad experiences, this its the type that come to mind.  A player who’s intentions – for whatever person reasons – are designed to take any positives in the game away from you.

Cryptic – this has been an issue for a while.  Any chance you can do ‘something’?

Just once, I’d like to meet a real live GM.  Just once.  It’s a job I’d happily do.

7 thoughts on “This is why I wish GM’s in STO were real.

  1. The funny thing is that for the last two days 6/10 entities I tried to beat on elite got blown away to smitherines by the optional objective not being met… coincidence?


  2. Such guys are more than countered when you start the Kithomer Vortex Advanced, a Team Member leaves after the Entry Cube and the bunch of 4 strangers complete the STF within time limit, forcing your Gravitywell, Tyken, & Shmonzes Scientist to park damage dealing at the small Gatways since Science Number 2 is hyperactively keeping Borg Probes on both sides of the Gateway at Bay, hailing each other when Donatra got the Blues – WUHA! 🙂


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