For those struggling with the buggy “Uneasy Allies” mission…


BUG ONE: Stuck on the balcony, can’t get through the door?

Beam up.  Head south to Alpha Centuri block, then over to Psi Velorum.  Enter the Nopada system to the far right on the map.  It should be identified with the mission rings around it.  Chances are there will be a few other players on their way there.

Enter the system.  The mission will reload from the point you entered the Andromeda Sphere.

Click for Hi-Res version
Click for Hi-Res version

Update Hint: Getting through the min-maze seems easier(?) if you go right to get to the right hand console.

BUG TWO: Finished on the Blacony, and can’t escape through the door?  Again?

Beam out. Continue “And Their Arrows Blotted out the Sun”.

Thanks to Dejomony_lemon for first posting the hint on Reddit.

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