Salami Inferno Apologizes on Performance Issues

Salami Inferno has posted an update on the issues impacting Star Trek Online’s performance:

There are three large issues that are impacting performance right now, and they’re all under investigation.

We’re having some odd network issues, not including DDOS attacks, and you may have seen trendy collecting traces along with other information from players. This data is being passed off to our network engineers who are working to solve this issue.

A bug that caused major FPS issues went live with Season 10 and wasn’t discovered until Friday. We have a fix that’s already on tribble and will go live this week.

We did some profiling on our heavier maps and discovered that some player powers are incredibly expensive on our gameservers. It will take some time to identify them all and rebuild them in a way where they are functionally identical to you, but far less expensive for the gameservers. This is a change that will take time but will trickle out as we identify the offending powers and make fixes.

This is a pretty big deal to us and we have a fair amount of people across a wide array of disciplines working to get this resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience and my delay in posting something about it. Nothing nefarious about the delay, it’s simply a busy time over here post release.

These issues have been top of mind for most heavy users since the launch of season ten.  While some fixes were applied to Tribble, they didn’t translate into performance improvements once the were applied to Holodeck.  It’s good to know they have been working on the issue, but it’s better when they publicly address these concerns.

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