Borticus confirms: PVP [Mods] on Player Crafted Items going Bye-Bye Soon™

Posted earlier today in response to a question in the forums about PVP DMG modifiers:

This one, I can comment on.

We’re working on changes right now that will remove these [Mod]s from future crafted items. After examining their effectiveness, their intended audience, and their intended use-cases, we decided that rolling these in as random equipment suffixes is not a great idea. And that, if we ever return to this idea of PvP-centric gear, we need to more closely examine what it’s intended to do, how effective it needs to be, and how it is obtained.

In other words, consider it an experiment that didn’t work out.

We’re still examining options on what to do about existing items that have these mods attached.


Jeremy Randall
Cryptic – Staff Systems Designer
“Play smart!”
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3 thoughts on “Borticus confirms: PVP [Mods] on Player Crafted Items going Bye-Bye Soon™

  1. pee wee pee is and always was dead in this game. don’t expect them to bring it back. the game is mega focused on pve and that’S where the money comes from. so who cares…

    i’d rather see a full mod rework or at least a [DMG] buff/rework. crafting sux if you have to ditch so many items coz of the worst mod in game…


    1. Agreed. PVP is most certainly dead. It seemed to be almost trolling the PVP community when they released these random and useless mods. Glad to know they are listening though…


  2. About the time one system of complex technology is ‘panel-ized,’ another system gets
    included that won’t be for a long time.


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