Update: Time in a Bottle Rewards at EPIC

Just completed “Time in a Bottle” with an appearance by Nog.  We knew early on when the Krenim didn’t make an appearance during Delta Rising that Cryptic had something interesting planned.

**  Spoiler Free review  ** The mission is surprisingly short, in terms of activities and goals  Although we do get Herald combat in space and on the ground,  the value in the episode is in the exposition between a large group of Iconians.  Without going into details, it pretty much lays out out the ‘next steps’ in terms of the war.

Overall the mission was extremely easy, and having Nog provide some interesting exposition of his own brought back a lot of memories of DS9.  And I seriously want to buy the Staff of the Grand Nagus.

Overall it was a great episode 😉

As for the rewards you get several interesting pieces – the first is a new duty officer.


Interesting ability to generate Latinum.  Have yet to add him to my ground doff group, but hey?  Who doesn’t want more Latinum?

Here’s the Chroniton Split-beam Rifle at VR, UR and EPIC:


Was it worth the upgrade?  I immediately ran BotSE with a competent group from DPS-10,000 (the only place for a guaranteed Elite Experience®) and it proved to be an average weapon against the usual troops.  Against the Herald leader however we had little difficulty overwhelming him/her/it in very short order.  What stood out for me was how little the Herald moved around, failing to teleport even once.  Interesting…

What sort of experience are you seeing with this weapon?

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