Check out the Live Stream with Aron “Nog” Eisenberg

” I brought my teeth for the voice-over “

Click to See the Twitch Cast

And with that comment, the tone for this twitch cast went in an unexpected and enjoyable direction.  Part interview about the process with Captain Gecko, part behind the scenes with Aron talking about the origins of the character.

Aron turned out to be a really complex and cool person.  An honestly down-to-earth person you’d be honored to call a friend (the multiple in-game friend requests he received was a hoot to watch).  Getting to put a face and a voice to Trendy was also awesome.

Aron’s story about “the Ferengi Love dance” is EPIC.  His touching reflections about his father was heart-felt and personal.

Best. Twitch. Yet.

Well done Gecko, Trendy – this is what makes this community so cool.

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