Goodbye to Risa for Another Year

goodby-RisaAnother Summer Event comes to an end, and I have to say I really enjoyed this year. The Nandi turned out to be one of the best free ships yet to be released, and unlike other offerings I’m still enjoying the Nandi as a decent all-round beam destroyer.    The new account-wide unlocks AND account-wide recovery options for the event reward ships have guaranteed I will be using this ship for a while.

What I like about Risa is that it’s a break from the day-to-day grind.  Sure, I may not have earned as many marks as running STF’s over and over – but I like the hoverboard races as an option to trying my luck again at pugging BOTSE on more time.  Here’s a hint – any board can win.  It’s all about how you start.  If you’re jumbled with 10 others, you’re gonna be held back. Stay to the left or right, cut the first left hand turn really tight, and you can always be in the top 3.  Instead of flying the board right up to the flag, turn off your board about 10m from your target.  You’ll slide right up to it.  Just mash your F key on the way in 😉

This year I totally got into the space barbie ‘thing’.  Frankly I didn’t care that much what I wore in the past, but after earning enough to buy beach wear for all 11 alts, it was time to go crazy. And of course my KDF female still has the bug that allows her to wear her beachwear pretty much everywhere.  BHE is always that much cooler running it in a red bikini.  Please devs – never fix this bug.  It’s way too much fun 😉

So what about next year?

We know there will be a band new ship, available for that season only.  Cool.  Maybe we can get a new hoverboard course, or perhaps a new water-sports activity.   (Get your minds out of the gutter)  And of course hearing the words ‘ Do the snaaaaaake’ never gets old a least for the first few days.  How about adding a scavenger hunt?   Or swimming?

Unlike the uncomfortable Winter Event (bugs, lag, mechanics changes, but wicked ship), the summer event was in my mind a success.  Here’s to hoping the Winter Event this year is as fun – especially if they allow us to spend our saved-up Qmendations on other stuff!


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