The SHOW – Trek Wednesday – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, & the Promising! & Borticus Responds

Holey crap – thank you again guys for the shout out;)  Yes, I plan to do more comparison charts as each ship set is released.

Trek Wednesday resumes with news of the changes, the analytics, and the perspectives of what was, is, and will be. From the Fleet Armada benefits, to the changes to consoles, to Cryptics’ response to network and server performance issues, hear our take on it, and how it may benefit you.

The SHOW: Trek Wednesday!


Timber Wolf:





Let’s talk about Fleet Armadas.

Main point, Skill Point bonus.

  • Skill Points are much more valuable that dil discounts

o Hurts all non-alpha fleets

o Means it’s pretty much impossible to get the max bonus.

  • Would it be possible to give fleets something like a point at each tier? To let us

choose what bonus we want.

  • If not, can the Skill Points be scaled differently?

Second point, lack of control over Armada Chat

  • Fleet Chat as well

Third point, Armada UI

  •      Lack of timers on other fleets projects
  •      Can’t view full rosters
  •      Still not updating Armada Levels fast enough

o Had a fleet sitting at gamma for over half a day that still shows level 0, while it is level 26

Skill Tree Changes – Not happening. Bug that was corrected.

Weekend Shuttle Event. Fleet Mark Farming Time!

T6 Heavy Escort Carrier Comparison List

Chief Logistics Officer’s Assessments and Sentiments

Trendy’s Message on a new method to submit bugs.

A form with more details will be coming, “SOON”TM

ZeroniusRex and Borticus post on server performance issues:

“For more information on how to improve your STO gaming experience, please visit


A few quick Dev responses:


  • Oden’s mic-stand wiggle noise was driving me batty. Somebody should’ve pointed it out to him. 😉


  • Last I’d heard, Armada Skill Bonuses work for critter kills, but may not be working for mission/queue rewards. This is a known issue that’s under review.
  • The current XP/Dil bonuses are intentionally designed to be outside of ideal ranges, depending upon your Armada Rank and your Fleet Level. We had every intent for the Armada system to represent choices that would change as a Fleet evolves. We did not want it to be a stagnant system, but rather represent something that a Fleet’s Leadership would have to continuously be engaged with, to make sure they’re getting the “right” benefits for their Fleet.
  • Many of the other Armada UI issues should have been addressed in today’s patch. Probation issues, fleet levels, etc.
  • There was some good feedback about improvements to Leaderboards, Armada Chat and more. I’ll try and get them passed on for review.


  • Our current plan is to push the first batch of these changes to Tribble tomorrow, so keep an eye out for the patch notes.


  • I didn’t witness what Trendy was talking about in the referenced Live Stream, but I do know that she’s been working on ideas to facilitate more effective communication from the Players to the Devs, which would include bug reports. Until an official statement is made though, I’d hold off on changing how things are done, for the time being.


  • The ground devices can’t be improved with Batteries skill. Partly because this is a Space Skill, but also because the timers are far shorter on Ground to begin with (15sec CD).
  • The Kinetic Consumable is already fixed internally, and passed QA review. Just barely missed the patch deadline. It’ll get into the next build. It only affects weapons, by the way – no double-dipping. The tooltip reflects this restriction. If a Torpedo deals damage other than Kinetic, it won’t be enhanced by this consumable. These effects are frequently Exotic Damage though, and may benefit from that consumable instead.

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