Breaking Immersion, STO edition

Heidy’s insightful look at what breaks immersion in STO – worth a read 😉 Certainly capped all my pain points. #4 reminds me of the first few days after the launch of LoR, with Scimi’s orbiting ESD, allied yet carrying a banned Thaleron weapon capable of destroying all life on Earth. #2 goes without saying (OMG Sir, we have more room in our cooridoors than our cargo bays!).

#1 I agree with when you’re trying to explain your ‘role’ in the game, but the intent was that we are just one of ‘a very few’ fleet admirals. The fact that there are thousands more, many of whom dress inappropriately for their rank, is merely for color and to confuse our enemies.

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repriseMore so than most other MMORPGs, a good chunk of STO’s playerbase plays the game because it’s Star Trek, and immersion in game’s theme and setting is vitally important to these players. Star Trek is a very fleshed out universe as defined by multiple TV shows, movies, novels and other media, and for the most part the game has done well in staying in-theme. But there are also a variety of factors that continually work to break this immersion, which no doubt frustrates players… but can also be unintentionally funny.

So what breaks immersion in STO? Well, I have some personal peeves. Here’s my Top 10 8 List of Breaking Immersion on STO.

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