Timberwolf’s Bridge: Interview with Lootcritter!

I had a really fun time chatting with Timberwolf touching on Delta Rising, what we like about the game, the state of the game, leaks, and our role as bloggers and podcasters.  Thanks to Timberwolf for making the process easy – I was nervous – and he made me feel very comfortable.

4 thoughts on “Timberwolf’s Bridge: Interview with Lootcritter!

  1. Just started playing with a buddy of mine after almost two years. Thankful that there are still people like you keeping the game alive.


    1. Thanks – but I’m just one of many people looking to build the community. Make sure you check out The Show – there are links there to many great resources and awesome advice.


  2. Yep, I’m checking out all sources. On the whole the game seems a lot better… especially the crafting.

    However I really hope they slow the pace of combat down…. they really need to do something to make it seem more coordinated, the STF combat really doesn’t resemble Trek combat scenes.

    And their Sense of Scale is still out of whack with the ships… even the supposedly massive ships don’t feel that big.

    Earth space dock is 10x better than I remember….

    Started a Romulan Science Captain, enjoying the crap out of the singularity abilities… but that B’rel all universal is so calling my name for the different tricks one could try… You could fly that thing so radically different every day….. The Faeht probably looks better, but…. Gravity Well 3….


  3. Great interview! I wasn’t even aware of the scale of the problems Delta Rising created. Insightful.

    Sounds like you do share a bunch of the same peeves as me. 😉 Nice mention of the disco balls and especially the trolls at the Nimoy memorial, in particular. You should do more of these!


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