Updated: 9/10/15

The following blog post contains Leaks about ships and the new Lockbox for Star Trek Season XI: A New Dawn.  Please remember this post must not be reposted on either /r/sto or on the official company forums, as it will violate their terms and conditions.

Note: While every effort has been made to confirm these ships are planned for release, Cryptic in the past has held back and not released some ships.  Any details as to abilities, consoles etc are subject to change.  You’ve been warned;)

And NO, we will not be posting anything about upcoming episodes.  Why spoil the story?

C-Store Ships

May be part of a ‘Dreadnought Bundle’

  • [T6] Kolasi Siege Destroyer  – updated Gurumba Siege Destroyer YAY
    – has fleet variant
    – comes with an integral lance weapon (not a console)
    – has a hangar bay
  • [T6] Yamato Dreadnought Cruiser – Updated Galaxy X
    click to embiggenT6-Andromeda

    Mirror Skin Variant
    Mirror Skin Variant

    – has fleet variant
    – comes with an integral lance weapon (not a console)
    – likely has a hangar bay (not confirmed)

  • [T6] Kara Advanced Warbird – updated Ha’apax Class
    – formerly 120,000 dil ship, may be Hakona variant from the C-Store
    – odd that they chose this as the Romulan Dreadnought.  
    – has fleet variant
    – comes with an integral lance weapon (not a console)
    – has a hangar bayConsole ‘Unknown Drain’: All three (speculation) come with the following:
    When this console is activated your starship’s maximum subsystem power levels will be increased substantially for a short time. Incoming energy weapon attacks will damage the attacker, leech a small amount of the attacker’s subsystem power back to your own subsystems. Each time you are hit with an energy attack, you will gain 1 Subsystem Overload Counter. After obtaining 20 counters you will emit a devastating pulse of electrical energy that deals heavy damage to nearby enemies. Affected enemies will also have all of their subsystems knocked offline short a brief period.

May be part of an ‘Escort Bundle’

  • [T6] Valiant Advanced Escort – updated Defiant Class YAY
    money shot defiant

    – has fleet variant
  • [T6] Kor Bird-of-Prey – updated B’Rel Class YAY

    – has fleet variant
  • [T6] Malem Light Warbird – updated T’Varo Class
    – has fleet variantConsole ‘Multiple Torpedo Launcher’: Currently only the Valiant is listed as having this console, and I am paraphrasing the description: Will allow you to fire up to 6 photon torpedoes simultaneously, and you can fire it again at any time as it reloads.  Likely has a 2 min CD, so 1 additional torpedo every 20 seconds as it recharges.  Unknown if these torpedoes are impacted by spread or high yield.
  • [T6] Hestia Class – updated Prometheus
    – has fleet variant
    – likely Pilot Specialized SeatingConsole  ‘Firebringer‘: Like the ship’s namesake, the Prometheus-class Multi-Vector Advanced Escorts can be outfitted to bring fire to the night. The inclusion of special heat sinks and particle exciters allow the ship to vent dangerous plasma fire, causing plasma damage to enemy ships within 5 km. When separated in Multi-Vector Assault Mode, the separated sections of the ship will all ignite simultaneously. Use of high-energy Pilot maneuvers causes this plasma fire aura to “flare up” and cause even more damage to nearby enemies. This console provides a passive bonus to plasma and tetryon damage resistance. This Console Mod can be equipped only on Prometheus-class Multi-Vector Advanced Escorts and variants, in any console slot. You may only equip one of these mods.

Herald Lockbox / Lobi / PROMOTIONAL Ships

Herald Lockbox (WTF?) : Herald Antiproton weapons, uses a powerful new proc ‘Magnitude’ %  Bonus Energy Damage to Self for 20 sec, stacking 3 times.  Unknown mechanics.

  • [T6] Herald Quas Flight Deck Cruiser
     – Console: Energy Gateway
  • [T6] Herald Vonph Dreadnought Carrier 
    – Ship Mastery Self: -7.5% Recharge Time to all Bridge Officer Abilities every 5 seconds hull strength is at or above 80%
    – this effectively is a constant cool-down reduction.
    Console: Oblivion Gateway
  • [T6] Herald Baltim Heavy Raider
    – Console: Warps in a second Baltim Heavy Raider


  • [T6] Temporal Dreadnaught

     Complete Speculation:  lobi store / promotional version of the Krenim Weaponship? Currently not attached as a reward or lobi store ship
    – Can be currently seen in the new DS9 STF.
  • [T6] Breen Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser
    Winter Event, no model or details.
    – comes with an integral lance weapon (not a console)

How do we ‘know’ these ships are ‘real’?  At this stage multiple sources have confirmed the files or placeholders for these ships exist. Plus the new ‘Admiralty System’ uses small icons for each ship, and these ships all have the icons:

MVK58CF eEjVhmE Zd7Nccv zDYnh0e
vNHvYsm U380bbg PBSURBF

We will be updating as more information is made available.  As always, what you see here may not make it into the game.

Thanks again to this entirely new group of data-miners dedicated to finding out what’s next in our favorite game 😉


  1. Some cool stuff in here. Thanks for the info (and thanks for those who had the work to get this info).

    On a side note: Krenim Temporal Superweapon, Iconian ships… This is getting to the point that I would not be surprised by a Borg Lockbox giving us T6 Tactical Cubes.


  2. Nice to see some leaks again! Thanks for picking up the mantle Lootcritter! And yes, I do agree that mission/story spoilers should stay hidden.

    I have Zen ready and waiting for the new Galaxy-X and Prometheus ships, I cannot wait!


  3. Herald Ships?! WTF!!!!! It was STUPID enough that they gave Players Undine Ships and now Herald Ships?!! The Biggest threat to the Galaxy ever and now we can Fly their Ships? BULLSHIT…how can CBS allow this CRAP -_-


      1. Than tell me why dont they allow Cryptic to give Borg Ships to Player? (THANK GOD!) why dont they allow Cryptic to make a T5/6 Version of the Consritution Class? Wjy dont they allow them to make Androids as Playable Species? (vetoed by CBS) and so on? Why do they care in this cases if its all about Money?…


      2. Some elements of the IP – Borg as a playable species, T6 Connie etc – have to be approved by CBS. They have already been told no, hence why Cryptic creates their own races.


  4. Yea but that should apply to Iconians (Heralds) too, thats not a Cryptic Creation, even so we dont see much in the TV Series its still Canon Star Trek, therefore CBS should not allow this Crap, i still cant belive that they have allowed Voth and Undine Ships to be honest and now THIS? This game turns more and more into a Bad Joke…… -_-


  5. I haven’t personally done the datamining on this one but do you suppose that one of these might somehow be the “Blue Box” reward? Were all of the T6 Herald ships flagged as T6?

    Keep in mind, the general release pattern:

    For each themed lockbox:

    1 Lockbox Grand Prize: Herald Flight Deck Cruiser
    1 Lobi Counterpart (Usually DPS Centered): Herald Heavy Raider
    1 R&D Ship (Usually a carrier): Herald Dreadnought Carrier (Makes sense. Most desirable.)

    Lobi and Grand Prize share consoles with eachother but cannot use the R&D consoles. Although the R&D ship can use Grand Prize and Lobi consoles.

    This all makes a certain amount of sense. (And people will flip over the Dreadnought Carrier. With that trait and with an R&D release, expect 1 billion EC asking price.)

    What we’re missing here is the bluebox. We’re too close to Holiday festival for another release and I’d be surprised if they delay release of the Mirror ship until the anniversary as an earned ship. The Mirror Dreadnought as a T5 blue box seems “off” but then the other temporal ships are T5. Maybe a full on Mirror lockbox after the Heralds but that’s getting close to New Year’s. I suppose maybe in keeping with the better blueboxes we’ve seen lately, a Mirror Bluebox carrier might be able to equip all Temporal consoles and Krenim timeship consoles.

    In that case, I’d go with Cmdr Tac, Lt. Cmdr Science, Lt. Tac, Lt. Engineer, Ensign Universal. 4 Tac, 2 Eng, 4 Sci, gains one Tac at T5U. My rationale is, from what we know of the Mirror Iconian War, their temporal dreadnought is their version of our Krenim ship. Mirror ships tend to swap Tac and Science and blue box prizes tend to avoid universal stations. T5U gets one less BO power than true T6. Though maybe they’ll make a shift and start making the bluebox ship a true T6 (minus traits). In which case upgrade one Lt. to Lt Cmdr and make the Lt. a Universal. No new consoles but can equip Mirror Consoles and Krenim Dreadnought console: maybe or maybe not the non-Dreadnought Krenim consoles.

    I would really prefer this one if it does a full rotation of Eng/Tac/Sci though for:

    Cmdr Tac, Lt. Cmdr Eng, Lt. Eng, Lt. Sci (Or Tac), Ensign Universal. 4 Tac, 4 Eng, 2 Sci (with an extra Tac at T5U). There are more interesting builds you can accomplish this way. It’d be interesting to see the temporal gimmicks get a potential host that is less Sci oriented and this would be spiritually closer to a really big Mobius.

    I’m trying to make this work conceptually as the Blue Box prize in the Herald lockbox because that best fits what we know of it even though it would be visually one heck of a Blue Box prize.


    1. We missed out on the Terran-rep set – I only had one example. Normally I wait until I get two sources before posting.

      The only new information lately is the number of dreadnoughts – which we already touch on in the article. No new images other than the Tholian Tarantula. No stats for anything yet – when we get confirmation we’ll post.


  6. Dear Loot,

    I wonder if the tech guys were looking to see what could be done to stop us fans of STO from looking over that next hill…wondering what we’ll find as the fog of war lifts from ‘The Undiscovered Country’?

    I sure hope not.

    Make Phasers and Photon Torpedoes Ready!

    Best regards,



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