Customization & Tailor restrictions in STO – Role-Player’s perspective

I’ve never been a RP’r myself, but I can certainly agree with having more options when it comes to costuming my alts and bridges officers.

Jan’s commentary is valid, although I do understand why some elements (Borg Implants) are not intended to be costume elements that once unlocked can be used anywhere – however – I see no reason why a player who has unlocked a liberated Borg character shouldn’t have access to everything that is available for that character only.

One last thought: even though I’m not a RP’r, I do like the idea of enforcing uniform requirements in certain environments. Clubwear – at the club – is fine. When you’re about to take a meeting with an Admiral, there should be minimum uniform requirements.


Captain Jan's Musings

It has been discussed so many times – the Tailor, aka the customization tool of the Star Trek Online. The opinions on it vary, but I believe I speak for quite few people, when I say, that most of us want to be able to customize our characters as much as possible. Unfortunately, as it is now, there are huge restrictions placed onto it. In this article – I’m going to summarize, as to why this is bad – from my perspective, as an enthusiastic Role-player, who’s been RP’er for over 17 years. Please note, I only speak for myself, and do not represent opinions of anyone else, than myself. However, if anyone inclines to agree with anything said here – you’re very welcome to do so!

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