Tribble Test Tomorrow – Omega Particles

As the forum pages don’t render well on some devices, here’s Trendy’s Post:

Hey folks,

As one of my many forward-facing initiatives, I’m setting up a testing event tomorrow 1/14 @ 11:30 AM PST (When is that in your Timezone?) on Tribble. My goal is to break the Omega Particle and I need your help.

Last year during the Anniversary event, we encountered some issues with the Omega Particle event ending earlier than expected. While we’ve applied fixes for it, we want to test out new patches for the Omega Particle before it goes live. In order to effectively do this, we need to stress-test it. That means I need able-bodied Captains like you.

From 11:30 AM PST to 12:00 PM PST, Developers are going to be going on Tribble to play the Omega Particle event in Sol System. We need as many Captains joining us as possible, in order to see how this fabled particle reacts. Keep your eye out when you do, and be sure to make note of any temporal irregularities when you’re playing the Omega Particle game. Does end early? Does it continue into infinity and beyond? Does it explode and promptly gib all other non-science ships within a 10KM distance? We want to know!

I’ll see you there
-Morrigan “LaughingTrendy”

One thought on “Tribble Test Tomorrow – Omega Particles

  1. I threw many tribbles into the omega particles trying to get them to stabilize. Sadly, the tribbles seem as unstable as ever. 😉

    It was fun seeing Lootcritter popping up all over though. =P


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