Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Tholian Meshweaver Review

Lootcritter here: With four new ships release this past week – all of which look quite good – I’ve asked Timberwolf to give me his perspective once again.  As always he’s a great source of information and contributor over at The SHOW.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube channel, and don’t forget to listen in on The SHOW – the best Star Trek Online Podcast for build advice and news 😉


Tholian Meshweaver Escort Review:

So this is a interesting familiar ship that’s been around since TOS. The ship itself has a similar setup overall to the Nihydron Destroyer from the Year of Hell box, with the exception of the BOFF layout. It does lack a little in the engineering power area, so be warned to carefully select what you want for engineering as those two power can make a difference. This is made up for by the fact that she has seven tactical BOFF slots and three Science BOFF slots however, especially when you run builds that utilize spread fire for multiple targets at once. Using a gravity well in the Lt. Cmdr. Science slot gives you the option to group up your targets for Fire-at-Will/Torpedo Spread/Cannon Scatter Volley to really make the most of those abilities and take advantage of the warp core explosions to damage other nearby enemies. She is highly maneuverable, comparable to the Steam Runner, so you can turn on a dime to near constantly have your forward arc on your target, helping you concentrate fire to maximize firepower. Her big drawbacks are her shields and hull, however. Given the low amount of available slots for healing in your BOFF slots and low hull and shield rating, you will be a bit squishy…but if you can set her up with enough defense and damage output, you can make up for that deficiency. Now, running my Steam Runner build on this thing, It became a beast! I have averaged around 55K Damage output testing in Infected Space Advanced with out dying. Now that is reliant on piloting and certain traits like Invulnerable, but as you see in the following video, even a sub-optimal build can make this little T5U ship a great addition to your fleet:

So I would suggest grabbing this ship for your armada. It is a fairly cheap ship at the current moment and has a great drop rate from the Mirror Incursion box. Besides, admiralty card additions are great too! As Always, Lootcritter and I have more ship reviews coming, so until next time, this is Timberwolf….signing off.


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