Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Paradox Temporal Science Dreadnought Review

Lootcritter here: With four new ships release this past week – all of which look quite good – I’ve asked Timberwolf to give me his perspective once again.  As always he’s a great source of information and contributor over at The SHOW.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube channel, and don’t forget to listen in on The SHOW – the best Star Trek Online Podcast for build advice and news 😉


Paradox Temporal Science Dreadnought review:

I’m a big fan of time travel story lines. The thought of going to the past to see the Iconians at their prime or travelling to the future to stop a killer has always been interesting. What made it more interesting was the ship. I love the designs of the Wells class and the Mobius class, but could never afford them

Then I was graced by this gem…..and I mean gem! In the right hands, it can be deadly without a second thought. I tried two builds on her, one with herald Dual beam banks, the other being with beam arrays. Both builds performed quite well. Given it has a great turn rate, itll be easy to cast a gravity well and then broadside or enhance the forward weapons to max. Either way, this ship did Not disappoint!! Averaging 65K with subpar gear means the sky is the limit with the right pilot and gear. I love this ship now and working on a 75K run….and she has definitely entered my top 5 favorite ships in this game! I feel she also has a good versatile boff setup and weapon/console layout…add in what we will see in the video.

Disclaimer: There are bugs with this ship, including its pets, the console, and the trait…so its best not to use them unless they enhance them soon…..otherwise you are using things that may not work right

I am very happy with this ship, its performance output so far, and its looks. Thomas the Cat and his team did a great job on this ship and still await certain other ships to be released!

Until then Timberwolf is signing off

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