Skill Revamp – End of Jan-Jutsu?

Star Trek Online is starting to get feedback from a variety of players. In this case the changes to ground is adversely impacting an established build. Are we missing something? encourage you to read this blog post for more details.

Captain Jan's Musings

Close Combat Specialist, that is fun for me.

There’s been a skill-revamp down on Tribble tonight. As it is with my nature, I tend to want to jump in and get to know the changes before they hit the live server, and if possible, help address the issues. I have to put it in here, that while I always attempt to keep my feedback constructive and to the point, unhindered by emotions, in this particular issue, that is very difficult & I sincerely apologize for that.

There are not many people on STO who are dedicated to the Ground Combat the way I am; and very few even bother to understand it & just copy the builds. It’s not meant to be offensive, it’s a statement of fact. People enjoy space-combat more. And I get that and have no problem with it. But – there is nothing bad in enjoying something…

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2 thoughts on “Skill Revamp – End of Jan-Jutsu?

  1. Jan seems like a really cool player – and it really sucks their getting rid of different builds for ground combat. Ive even tried to make a ground specialist and the game constantly punishes me for doing so. 😦


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