The Crew is DEAD! Long Live the CREW! Tribble patch notes offer a YUUGE look at upcoming changes.

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Tribble release notes were dropped this morning with a massive amount of fixes, tweaks and changes, most notably the new Captain Skill system.  For the next week (likely until Thursday) testers will only be able to crew new characters to provide feedback on the leveling system.  The following week, testers will once again have access to existing transferred characters or they can bring over new transfers.
Other highlights include updates to the exchange with categories for Salvaged Tech, Fleet Modules and Upgrade Tokens (YAY), numerous torpedo refinements (improvements, nerfs, enter your descriptive choice here) and a  – wait for it – fix for Kemocite?  Energy weapons now share the same range tables and drop off’s in damage!  And the Crew mechanic has been removed from the game.  The crew is dead!  Long live the Crew!
The original note:
We will be bringing down the Tribble server for maintenance to apply a new update: ST.60.20160207a.9.
New Feature:Skill System Revamp:

  • The Skill System has been revamped to simplify the system and help players make better choices when choosing skills for their captains.
  • All references to “Skill Points” have been changed to “Experience Points” as these are no longer spent on Skills, but simply gained to increase levels.
    • Players will gain “Space Points” and “Ground Points” which will be spent to purchase Skills.
    • Players will earn 1 Space Point each level, starting at level 5 and ending at level 50 (total = 46 Space Points).
    • Players will earn 1 Ground Point every 5 levels, starting at level 5 and ending at level 50 (total = 10 Ground Points).
  • Every Skill Node in the new system costs either 1 Space Point or 1 Ground Point to purchase.
    • There are 110 Skill Nodes in total, separated as 90 Space and 20 Ground.
  • Space Skills are separated into Tiers, each of which requires a certain number of Space Points spent in any of the previous Tiers.
    • Ground Skills do not have Tier requirements, but some Ground Skills have prerequisites.
  • Purchasing Skills will also grant players progress on new Unlock Paths.
    • Once earned, Unlocks do not cost Space Points or Ground Points to activate.
    • Some Unlocks require players to make a choice between two different Unlocks before either will be active.
    • Some Skills from the previous system have been moved to these Unlock Paths.
    • Unlock Paths are also how players will earn new Bridge Officer Training Manuals.
    • Space Skills have 3 separate Unlock Paths, related to purchasing Skills in each of the 3 Profession categories: Engineering, Science or Tactical.
    • Ground Skills have only a single Unlock Path.
  • Spending 25 or more Space Points in a single Profession will unlock a powerful new “Ultimate Ability” which can be further enhanced through the Unlock Paths.
  • Upon logging in for the first time after this update, player’s skills will automatically be reset and it will not cost a token to reapply skills in this new system for the first time only.
    • Future skill retrains will cost a standard Retrain Token.
  • For Tribble only, the test console on Drozana will allow players to obtain blocks of 10,000 Experience Points, as well as Skill Respec Tokens, to help test the system.
    • Also, for the first week this system is available on Tribble, players will need to start a new character and go through the tutorial.
    • After this point, players can go to Drozana and use the test console to obtain free Experience Points.
    • This it to help test the system for feedback and issues found during the leveling process.
    • After a week, we will restore the already transferred characters prior to this update.
  • This system is still a work in progress.
  • For more details, please visit our Skill System Revamp blog at:


  • Added the following search categories to the Exchange:
    • Salvaged Technology
    • Fleet Ship Modules
    • Ship Upgrade Tokens
  • Adjusted the default positions of some HUD elements.
    • There should be no changes to any manually adjusted HUD elements.
  • Updated the audio for Space Polaron weaponry.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause certain special-case Borg ships to spawn in undesired locations.


  • Admiralty:
    • Fleet D’deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit no longer has the same stats as its non-Fleet counterpart.
    • The bonus on the Somraw Raptor now correctly does what it says, and adds +8 TAC per EngShip or SciShip.
    • Resolved a display bug that was causing the APU Cruiser, Malon Battlecruiser, and Kazon Raider Admiralty Ships to appear as Blue/Rare quality, while they should be Green/Uncommon.
      • Their stats and effectiveness remain unchanged.
    • Changed the Jem’Hadar Strike Ship Admiralty card so it reflects expected +/- explanation in its powers text.
  • Kemocite-Lace Weaponry:
    • Resolved an issue that was preventing Kemocite-Laced Weaponry from landing Critical Hits.
      • This ability’s chance to Crit is now equal to character’s base Crit value.
    • Resolved an issue that was preventing Kemocite-Laced Weaponry from benefiting from any +Damage modifiers, including natural modifiers gained with Level.
      • To compensate for this, the base damage values have been reduced to 66% of their previous values.
      • At level 50, this results in no change when not wearing any gear or using any damage-enhancing abilities, and now scales up with either/both.
  • Corrosive Plasma Torpedo Launcher now properly gains a modifier when upgraded from Blue to Purple and beyond.
  • Elachi Subspace Torpedo Launcher now properly gains a modifier when upgraded from Blue to Purple and beyond.
  • Concussive Tachyon Emission now has a 5 minute cooldown to match other Reputation Active Traits.
    • It is no longer affected by Chroniton Jolt or Tactical Initiative.
  • Endothermic Inhibitor Beam no longer increases damage to Temporary Hit Points.
  • Destabilized Plasma Torpedo no longer benefits from cooldown reductions and other enhancements triggered by projectile weapons.
    • This item is a Console, not a Weapon.
  • “Opportunistic” now correctly only affects Space and Ground Captain Abilities.
  • All ranks of Subspace Vortex now behave properly when more than one Rank is equipped at a time.
    • Subspace Vortex can once again be activated while using Enhanced Battle Cloak and Cloaked Barrage, but is no longer usable while using Phase Shift while Auxiliary is Offline.
  • Description on Coalition Disruptors now correctly states that the proc lasts for 30 seconds instead of 20.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Elachi Subspace Torpedo Launcher to incorrectly deal slightly more damage than intended.
  • Boarding Party can no longer be used while in a Shuttle, and cannot be used if you are currently Targeting a Small Craft.
  • Boarding Party will now launch Romulan Shuttles if used by a Romulan Captain, and no longer fails if used by a Romulan that has not yet chosen an ally.

Skill Revamp Changes to Powers:

  • The amount of Hitpoints, Shields, Speed and Turn Rate gained from Skill Bonuses no longer scales up based on ship tier, but has been made consistent across all tiers of Starships.
    • Hitpoint and Shield Scaling is now as follows:
      • T1 and T2 were 0.0957%, and have been increased to 0.3%.
      • T3 was 0.1993%, and has been increased to 0.3%.
      • T4 was 0.2512%, and has been increased to 0.3%.
      • T5 and T6 were 0.3031%, and have been decreased to 0.3%.
    • Speed and Turn Rate Scaling is now as follows:
      • T1, T2 and T3 were 0.2525%, and have been increased to 0.4%.
      • T4 was 0.3181%, and has been increased to 0.4%.
      • T5 and T6 were 0.3838%, and has been increased to 0.4%.
    • Shuttles and other Small Craft also benefit more from Skill Bonuses, but not as much as full-size ships:
      • Hitpoint and Shield Scaling was 0.0358%, and have been increased to 0.15%.
      • Speed and Turn Rate Scaling was 0.0946%, and has been increased to 0.20%.
  • The “Crew” mechanic has been removed.
    • The few benefits this stat previously gave have been set to their previous maximum value for all players.
    • “Tactical Readiness”, the 2 piece Set of Klingon Honor Guard and Adapted MACO, no longer provides Crew bonuses, but instead increases Hull Regen.
    • “Reroute Power from Life Support” no longer has any mention of disabling Crew.
    • The promotional “EMH” Science Console no longer restores Crew when activated, but instead provides a passive Bridge Officer Cooldown Reduction while equipped.
    • “Emergency Force Field” Engineering Consoles have been replaced by “Subspace Redundancies” Consoles.
    • “Biofunction Monitor” Science Consoles have been replaced by “Nanite-Reinforced Circuitry” Consoles.
  • All energy weapons now benefit from unified Range Drop-off Mechanics.
    • All energy weapons will now lose a maximum of 50% of their base damage, when fired at maximum range.
      • This drop-off begins at 2.0km from the targeted Foe, and increases linearly out to max range.
      • This change unifies the mechanic by improving Cannon weapons which previously lost up to 60% of their base damage at 10.0km but slightly decreasing the effectiveness of Beam weapons which previously only lost 40% of their damage potential at 10.0km.
  • Removed Skill benefits from many powers previously enhanced by “Sensors” — the magnitude of these powers has been increased to match what it would have been previously if the player has 99 Sensors Skill.
    • Affected: Fire On My Mark, Sensor Scan, Tachyon Detection Grid, Tachyon Detection Field, and Jem’Hadar and Reman Deflector Dishes.
  • The scaling aspects of most powers that benefit from Skills have been altered and normalized.
    • This will have the most notable impact on powers that benefited from Particle Generators (now called “Exotic Particle Generators”) and Profession-specific Ground Skills (now consolidated as “Kit Performance”).
    • Some powers will have gained effectiveness, while others have had their skill contributions reduced.
    • This will require additional ongoing attention and tuning, as we discover abilities that either were not properly adjusted, or have gained/lost too much core effectiveness from this change.
  • The amount of innate resistance to Stun effects that players have in Ground Combat has been reduced.
  • The benefits gained from Shield Subsystem Power and Auxiliary Subsystem Power have been altered.
    • Benefits gained from Shield power have been reduced, but new Skills have been introduced that allow these benefits to increase beyond their previous caps.
    • Benefits gained from Auxiliary power have been rescaled, so that low-Aux grants more benefit and high-Aux grants less benefit.
      • This new scale pivots around 100 Aux Power, at which point no differences are present.


  • Mirror Universe Outfits:
    • Increased the color palette options for the Female Shorts.
    • Added Dagger Armbands on Male Bare Chest options.
    • Added rank options.
    • Resolved an issue where legs were not appearing for Trill, Pakled, and Talaxian females when wearing the Terran Shorts.
    • Terran Armbands now have the same color palette as Terran Uppers.
    • Resolved numerous clipping issues with necks and shoulders for males when wearing these outfits.
    • Added more badge options.
  • Resolved an issue where Trill arms and chest disappeared when wearing the Original Series Medical Uniform for females.
  • Added “eye shadow” as an option for male Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, and Remans.
  • Changed “Herald Armor” category to “Herald Sets” on player facing dropdown to avoid confusion.
  • Resolved an issue where some chests would be invisible when wearing the Kobali Chest piece.
  • Added tights as an option for Skirts.
  • Federation Badge revised to be Starfleet Only

Known Issues:

  • The Skill System Revamp is still a work in progress:
    • Shuttles and other Small Craft do not get the correct benefit from Hull Capacity and Shield Capacity skills.
    • The benefit players appear to get from Impulse Expertise does not match the Skill’s description.
    • Distance calculations, as they pertain to Weapon Damage Drop-off, are inconsistently applied for ships with differing capsule sizes.
    • Not all Hangar Pets benefit equally from Coordination skills.
    • There may be lingering mentions of “Crew” on reward packs and other items.
  • All Foundry functions have been shut off temporarily.
  • Character transfer to Tribble has been shut off temporarily.
  • Players will not have access to their captains already transferred to Tribble temporarily.

2 thoughts on “The Crew is DEAD! Long Live the CREW! Tribble patch notes offer a YUUGE look at upcoming changes.

  1. I love the potential in what they are doing, but the current skill system feels at home in star trek with its borderline arcane techno jargon. But those that take a few moments to figure it out can do fairly well at it. I just hope the new system doesn’t lose the trek feel.


    1. So far, the skill system looks like it’s a winner. Simple UI, inline with what they’ve done for Specialization (in fact spec is now part of that UI), and nice, easy to understand descriptions for each choice. I’ll be posting images from the system shortly.


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