Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Galor Class Review

Lootcritter here: While we’re grinding our way through the limited time ‘The Breach’ and testing the new skills system over on Tribble – Timberwolf had a chance to review the Galor.

As always he’s a great source of information and contributor over at The SHOW.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube channel, and don’t forget to listen in on The SHOW – the best Star Trek Online Podcast in the business 😉


T5-U Cardassian Galor Class

So I was digging through the old ship in this game and it got me thinking, “I wonder how good some of these ships still are?” So I looked around and tried to find one or two of them that might interest me. Of course, the Steamrunner was an obvious choice for me because it was a great ship in Armada 1 and a personal favorite of mine. But then, I came across the Galor class, which several of my friends ingame swear by for their PvE and PvP. So, by sheer charity, I acquired one for testing…and wow, just wow she does not disappoint!! She can be made to be a decent tank and for damage output, she is a sleeper to be sure because I feel people will not look at her for it.

While I still feel a T6 Keldon (which a friend and I made a proposal for and sent it in to PWE), the T5U Galor class is a nice beast still in this post Delta Rising/Temporal War era. Also, thanks to the change to the damage modifier and how it works, the Spiral Wave Disruptors are absolutely great now! Though they were not used for this test phase, they are great disruptor beams that easily pair up with weapons like the Terran Task Force Disruptor beam array for a very strong beam array boat. However, You can see what she is capable of below:

So as you can see, she is perfectly deadly and swift for an old ship in this game and still worth the price she demands on the exchange. I still argue that we need a T6 Keldon, but for now the Galor class will do.

Until we meet again, this is Timberwolf signing off.

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Galor Class Review

  1. Thanks for the Galor review! I’ve used a Galor as my main ship for 2 years and it’s hard to play any less-mobile cruisers now. A T6 Keldon would be amazing…


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