Everything we know so far about the Temporal Ships (and others)

The following is an aggregate of various sources including the official posts, revisions to the new Star Trek Online splash page and twitter feedback from Star Trek Online staffers.

Initial Thoughts on the Temporal (and Other) Ships
Updated (Monday) with new information

Note: We still don’t know officially how the ‘Temporal Seating’ will necessarily work, nor do we know how far it will go.  Will it be just like the Command and Intel specializations?  Probably. Will it be like Pilot ships having both a specialization seat and innate abilities unique to that class range?  The answer to that questions seems very hazy as the number of ships marked as Temporal cover the full range of ship classifications.  I’m fairly confident that temporal will be limited to seating only.

Thanks to MandoKnight and x30f9 for pointing this out:

“These are the only ships that have access to the brand new temporally themed bridge officer powers at a Commander level, and they will also come standard with the new temporal gameplay mechanic that will add depth to gameplay and reward situational awareness.” – AoY Packs Overview

So yes, it seems ‘Temporal’ may have abilities baked in ala Pilot ships.  How cool is that?!

But I’ve been wrong before;)

Since Wednesday’s announcement, there has been a full range of feedback both positive and negative.  If the Legacy of Romulus expansion has taught us anything is that 1.) the marketing team at Star Trek Online hasn’t shown all it’s cards yet, and 2.) Expansions are full of surprises and opportunities to tweak things before and during the final release.

As the announcement seemed incomplete to many, STO team members have been letting little nuggets of information slip partly to assuade players that 1.) this isn’t everything yet, ands 2.) it’s going to be much cooler than we’ve assumed.

Here’s what we KNOW so far:

  • GOOD: The last 2 T6 Temporal ships announced are in fact crossfaction and will be available to Romulan and KDF players.  They include:
    T6 Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel Eternal Class
    T6 Temporal Raider Ouroboros Class
  • AWESOME: Retro ships will be able to share their skins with the T6 equivalent.  The only skin (as yet) that doesn’t have a T6 equivalent is the classic Constitution class.
  • COOL (potentially annoying): Retro ships will be outfitted with retro gear – blue phasers dual beams, arrays, and torpedoes.  Questions still remain though:
    1.) Will we be able to upgrade said ‘retro items’?  Default faction weapons on new ship generally can’t be upgraded.
    Speculative Update: Mission Rewards are upgradable.
    2.) Will we be able to craft retro gear in R&D?
    3.) As suggested by the Pilot Review Show – will they have space gear AND have a Retro flavour as well?
    4.) The sound effects.  Please let it be something slightly less annoying 😉
  • There are additional ships already (Pioneer Class, likely free to play) and several more yet to be officially discussed.  The unofficial ship so far is a Temporal Dreadnaught which appears to be a traditional engineering based flight-deck heavy cruiser.Could this be the spaceframe on which the T1 connie skin might work?
  • NX and TOS era ships will be able to have shorter registration numbers.


Let’s break down the ships we have confirmed artwork for:

T1 Constitution Class

Availability: Starfleet, Federation <— notice the distinction
Modeller: Thomas Marrone

connir - large -connie - sexyconnie - side
A legendary 23rd century Starfleet vessel, the Constitution-class Cruiser regularly went where no one had gone before. A durable, versatile ship, it handled a variety of missions, including exploration, first contact, research, and system defense.

2/1 Weapons configuration (unchanged)

Notes: Looks relatively unchanged from the existing Constitution, but with an updated skin from Thomas Marrone.  Likely this will be a free upgrade to existing owners, made with love 😉

T1 Starfleet Pioneer Utility Cruiser

Availability: Starfleet
Designer: Hector Ortiz
Modeller: Thomas Marrone
pioneer - sexypioneer - toppioneer side
Designed for Utility, the Pioneer-class often undertakes missions normally assigned to larger vessels, such as the constitution class cruiser. This frigates size and crew compliment limits the duration of such missions, however.

2/1 Weapons Configuration

Notes: Looks to be a second generation design of the original NX class body.  Likely this is one of the free to play ships provided as it was not included in the Temporal Agent Pack.

T2 Temporal Science Vessel Daedalus Class

Availability: Starfleet, Federation
Modeller: Thomas Marrone

daedelus - sexydaedelus - sidedaedelus - topdeadelus - large -
A starship design from the early years of Starfleet, the Daedalus-class Science Vessel still serves with distinction. With strong shields and a powerful sensor suite, the Daedalus-class is well equipped for missions of research and exploration in the final frontier.

2/2 Weapons Configuration

Notes: Classic Jeffries design originally seen on the technical manual, and as display models in the movies and on television.  Oddly enough this layout design actually predates the Constitution class, so for the purposes of this expansion this appears to be an update or even a retrofit of an existing ship.


T3 Temporal Escort Perseus Class

Availability: Starfleet, Federation
Designer: Hector Ortiz
Modeller: Ian Richards

perseus large
A versatile escort from the 23rd century, the Perseus-class Temporal Escort incorporated several state-of-the-art systems for the time, including the M6 Computer. Designed to provide rapid tactical analysis of the battlefield, the M6 had none of the troublesome drawbacks of its infamous predecessor.

Speculation: 3/2 Weapons Configuration based on similar T3 Federation Escorts

Notes: Classic Jeffries flavor with a not so subtle jab at Axanar.  I howled when I saw this ship (with respect to my colleague Timberwolf) – THIS was the escort I wanted when I first started in the game.  A serious progression from the designs previously seen, and substantially better than the fan produced materials out there.  Some have suggested the name ‘Perseus’ as a jab towards the fan-produced ‘Ares Class’, as in recent movies Perseus slays Ares (not in history though).  Secondly it’s equipped with the M6 computer – so likely this gives us one hint as to the potential console.

T4 Temporal Cruiser Gemini Class

Availability: Starfleet, Federation
Designer: Hector Ortiz
Modeller: Mauricio Tejerina

gemeni - large
Known for a distinctive set of four warp nacelles, the Gemini-class Temporal Cruiser inspired future starship engineers when designing the Constellation-class Cruiser. A tenacious vessel, the Gemini was often used by Starfleet as a weapons-system testbed in the field.

Speculation: 3/3 Weapons Configuration based on similar T3 Constellation class Heavy Cruiser

Notes: This model screams fan made – and I’m not saying that as a negative.  It’s clean.  It follows the basic design rules of TOS ships.  And it’s one I certainly want as part of my collection.

T5 Temporal Battlecruiser Ranger Class

Availability: Starfleet, Federation
Designer: Hector Ortiz
Modeller: Ian Richards

pioneer - sexy
The agile Ranger-class was one of the most respected battlecruisers of the 23rd century. A tactical powerhouse, the Ranger was built for combat resolution. As a result, these vessels were often deployed on the front line in conflicts with the Klingons and Romulans.

4/4 weapons

Notes: WOW – design elements from the Miranda, Constitution and NX.  This is fast becoming my favourite – but TRENDY we WANT MORE PICTURES 😉

T6 Temporal Science Vessel Nautilus Class

Availability: Starfleet, Federation
Designer: Hector Ortiz
Modeller: Ian Richards

fish - large
Inspired by the 23rd century Daedalus-class vessel, the Nautilus-class packs a tactical punch for a science vessel. Starfleet incorporated several new systems on the Nautilus, many of which involved nanotechnology developed in conjunction with the Borg Cooperative.

Speculation: 3/3 Weapons Configuration based on similar T5 and T6 Science Ships

Notes: This one took me a little by surprise, it’s fed like having some influence from the Prime Universe’s Jellyfish (yes, it was designed in the Prime Universe, but died in JJverse).  But as for the Borg-influenced nanotechnology?  Methinks this has something to do with it’s console.

T6 Temporal Escort Theseus Class

Tactical confirmed (yeah, yeah of course it’s tactical, but keep reading…not all of the temporal ships fit the same descriptions you’d expect)
Availability: Starfleet, Federation
Designer: Hector Ortiz
Modeller: Ian Richards

t6 temporal escortA futuristic take on the Perseus-class of the 23rd century, the Theseus-class escort utilizes an advanced science suite along with tactical systems. These powerful instruments augment the temporal weaponry found aboard the vessel, making its stout offense even stronger in battle.

Speculation: 4/3 Weapons Configuration based on similar ships

Notes: First ship to mention ‘Temporal weaponry’ likely based on the temporal weapons first seen as Lobi gear for the Wells Temporal science Ship.  Also the description makes reference to an advanced science suite…?  Could this mean a Lt. Commander science seat and possible subsystem targeting?

T6 Temporal Cruiser Sagittarius Class

Engineering confirmed
Availability: Starfleet, Federation
Designer: Hector Ortiz
Modeller:Thomas Marrone

t6 sagitarius
Influenced by the legendary Gemini-class, the Sagittarius-class cruiser is a force to be reckoned with. Designed with team tactics in mind, the cruiser is known for sharing its strengths with fleet-mates. The ship’s impressive combat systems make it a workhorse on the battlefield.

Speculation: 4/4 Weapons Configuration based on similar ships

Notes: ‘Impressive Combat Systems” hmmm?  Definite influence from Doug Drexler’s Enterprise J in terms of the primary saucer section.  The design is growing on me, but I want to see more!

T6 Temporal Battlecruiser Paladin Class

Engineering/Tactical (Let the speculation run rampant! The first dual commander seating?)
Availability: Starfleet, Federation
Designer: Hector Ortiz
Modeller: Ian Richards

t6 paladin class
Drawing inspiration from the 23rd century Ranger-class, the Paladin-class Battlecruiser is very tactically focused. It features a potent weapons platform, and a number of sophisticated maneuver systems make the Paladin a remarkably agile vessel for its class.

Speculation: 4/4 Weapons Configuration based on similar ships

Notes: ‘potent weapons platform’ – what is that odd little cigar at the crest of the engineering joint?  This layout and design feels right as a step between the Sovereign and what comes next.

T6 Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel Eternal Class

Science/Tactical (Let the speculation run rampant! The first dual commander seating?)
Availability: Cross-Faction
Designer: Hector Ortiz
Modeller:Thomas Marrone

t6 eternal classes
While equipped with cutting-edge scientific technology, the Eternal-class was designed to fulfill a number of roles in the field. Built to operate alone on the frontier or as part of a fleet, the Eternal is a versatile part of 31st century Starfleet.

3/3 Weapons Configuration

Notes: Sexy, and is a nice progression from the design of the other ‘temporal craft’ – Wells, Temporal Dreadnought etc.

T6 Temporal Raider Ouroboros Class

Universal Seating Raider
Availability: Cross-Faction
Designer: Mauricio Tejerina
Modeller: Mauricio Tejerina

t6 orborus
This raider from the future puts fear into the hearts of her enemies. An Ouroboros brings potent weaponry and tactical systems to the fight in whatever era she’s deployed in, making the raider a valuable asset in the Temporal Cold War.

Speculation 4/2 Weapons Configuration

Notes: I’ve had a lot of fun with the Tandaari raider – this looks like a nice progression forward.  

Side Note: When I first saw the name for the Tadaari Raider – I saw it as Tandoori.  I live in a very mixed community with a massive south asian population.  Tandoori is as common here as hot dogs are in Chicago 😉  Since then I have been mispeaking it’s name and misspelling it like crazy.

Rumour – as yet to be ‘officially’ announced

Temporal Dreadnought – placeholder

The list of new ships has me very excited.  The Temporal specialization effect on gameplay is still as yet unconfirmed, but likely will provide a number of fun abilities   I’m loving the range of classic Jeffries-inspired designs and to be honest will more than likely play with those skins on the T6 space frames for sure.

ZEF Films has a number of great ideas for them, and we’ve started a discussion on collaborating on the reviews for these ships as they are released – stay tuned (or tooned) for more information!

My Two bits (and growing)


Sources: new STO Landing Page (https://www.arcgames.com/en/splash/ads/star-trek-online-b/?hoff_transaction_id=1023673a9f9bd0c54a5affad9a22ac&hoff_vendor_id=1368&hoff_offer_id=82)
Temporal Game PAck (http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/game-pack/detail/918-temporal-special-agent-pack)

13 thoughts on “Everything we know so far about the Temporal Ships (and others)

  1. Seems very likely Temporal Specialization is going to have a lot to do with hastes, slows and maybe debuffs, making it something that might become complimentary on science and tactical ships. That’s going by only how current Temporal abilities in the game work right now, the the Krenim console and the Backstep console.


  2. Thoughts on the Pioneer – I’m thinking either a TOS style miranda or a Kelvin type with the single nacelle, and either would be amazing to see in-game.


  3. Irony: my Wells class is called “Eternity”

    What nags me about the Eternal is that I don’t think Thomas went and watched the two-parter video on Trek Yards where Rick Sternback actually explains a whole lot about the thoughts behind the model and what does what on it.

    Which has my eyes wander to the vented depression btween the two dorsal windows of the Eternal/Ouroboros. That detailing is supposed to be an intake – like airplane air intake – that are the equivalent of the bussard collectors on starfleet vessels. Which are in rather un-intake-like position (unless they’d slurp things from above, but that’s nothing if not awkward, on top of queer internal arrangements allowing for that.

    If it wasn’t of this thing and the wierd leather carseat texture, I’d think those two were near perfect looking. Heck, the Eternal and Sagittarius are the two ships I’m tempted to get still depending on how well they get promoted stats-wise. Not going for the whole pack, though. I watched TOS on my father’s knees, but I was never as much of a fan of the original series as I was of the TMP movies.


    1. …what are we doing with 31st century ships, anyways? That’s two centuries ahead of Walker’s Pastak’s home timeline (homeworld? hometime? This might get confusing…)

      The 31st century is Daniels’ timeline, so, we’re getting involved with time travelers even further from Benjamin Walker’s hometime. It’s also Kal Dano’s hometime as well, where tech is sufficient to pack a battleship’s assets in a small shuttle.

      The only more futuristic ship we know of is in the 32nd century – Archer saw it while rifling through Daniels temporal gear – a triple ringed vulcan ship “Retrofitted dorsal carrier”.

      I’m kind of balking at this a bit. Getting handouts/salvage of 29th century tech was one thing… but my impression is that progression from the 25th to 31st century gets/will get very muddled, meaning that temporal agents can pretty much profit from any bit of technology available to the Temporal Integrity Commission.

      But then, if players have access to 31st century ships, that means that current hometime technology also gets a boost – it’s way too early to have Enterprise-J lookalikes, and yet here they are, perhaps even available to the 23rd century captains from the new expansion.

      So, what I don’t get is why this expansion is actually bringing a clear message about some Temporal Prime Directive being broken, letting us use ship technology from the very far future (31st century) and having our time travel technology handed to us by the future… rather than actually going from our desperate developping of it in the Iconian War to make our first timeships and then gradually found a bigger temporal organization.

      It’s like we get to become temporal agents because the future helped us, rather than us actually going and making it, which is a pretty mind-boggling paradox. I also think it’s weak narratiely, since it skips out over a lot of possible story material that could have filled the coming years as we would have developped it gradually. With 31st century stuff, there’s practically nothing else to expand from unless we actually progress past the 31st century (and what Trek storyline have shown us on TV) – making us reach a timeline ceiling without taking the time to develop the intervening centuries.

      Enterprise-J? Pfft, it’s old news (for us) by the point we get to the expansion.


  4. Might be a silly question, but I’m not sure how to understand the “Availability: Starfleet, Federation” distinction ?


    1. The Agents of Yesterday expansion is for all purposes a new faction. Starfleet is the TOS distinction, Federation is previous human faction. While most can be accessed by both, a few ships you earn by leveling only in the TOS faction appear to be unavailable (note this may change)


  5. Seems wrong to me for all the TOS ships to have equal or more weapons than the Constitution Class. She was the most powerful ship in the fleet! They should at least up her to 3/3


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