Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Wells Class Temporal Science Vessel Review

Lootcritter here: It’s been a hell of week, full of surprises. The announcement that Star Trek Online is coming to consoles took us all by surprise, generating as much hoopla as one would expect while leaving many of us with unanswered questions.  

In the meantime, Timberwolf has branched out yet again with another review – this time with the Wells Class Temporal ship.  The Wells was my first experience in opening lockboxes for a ship – a horribly expensive lesson in how not to get what you want  Still – the Wells remains one of my favourite canon starships.

As always Timberwolf is a great source of information and new contributor over at The Pilot Review Show.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube channel.

Ok, this ship was a enigma to me the first moment I saw her in Star Trek: Voyager. Even though its from the 29th Century, its design was very strange to me. However, seeing her in Star Trek Online and actually flying her…the design has grown on me! While this test was on the Tribble server, I hope I can save up for one on Holodeck because she is amazing!

It has a great turn rate and flight speed and with a 3/3 weapon layout like most science ships, she can make for a very good science heavy escort. I found myself wanted more engineering BOFF powers, as she comes with only an ensign slot for engineering powers, Granted, she has a Lieutenant Commander Universal seat and a Lieutenant Universal seat, but I have found in my builds that using the universal seats for tactical powers is the best option IMO. That being said, at T5U upgrade status, she has plenty of punch from her weapons and also a great science output ability for draining targets or controlling the battlefield with powerful gravity wells. Below is my review video of the Wells class, where I test a middle ground build for mid-heavy science and middle ground damage output:

This ship was full of surprises, yet squishy in my hands. I do really like the ship and plan to test her out to further refine my build on her toward the science end. This ship is well worth its price on the exchange and is still great to have as your primary vessel. With the Temporal Cold War coming to a head, we need all the temporal ships we can get to fight the good fight!

Until next time, Timberwolf is signing off

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