AOY Admiralty Cards (Including the Vengeance & T’laru)

A tad overwhelmed at the moment – 12 ships pending for review including the Vengeance for Lobi, but not one of the lockbox ships.  While some players did manage to get these, the RNG gods once again gave me the Royal stink eye. Ah well, I was lucky before – but I think I’ll wait for their appearance in the Infinity Lockboxes next year before I try again, or try the exchange route.  The Vengeance was what I really wanted (and the carrier for my Rommie). Had I gone the exchange route selling keys, I’d have purchased all three with money to spare.  Lesson learned?

PS – looking for the admiralty cards for the T6 Connie Added, Romulan, and KDF lockbox ships.  Email to with your in-game handle 😉

Admiralty Cards – Agents of Yesterday

temporal cruisertemporal battlecruisertemp escorttemporal sceincetemporal sceince t6temporal sagtemporal escorttemporal battlecruiisertemporal raidertemporal multi-missiontemporal dreadvengeance


TY to @ElectrumLeopard



One thought on “AOY Admiralty Cards (Including the Vengeance & T’laru)

  1. Yes, the RNG gods forsake me as well, which I have decided was a bit too much for the gifts proffered and accepted by the divines. I do not claim anything improper or wrongdoing on anybody’s part, except on my part if I reinstalled STO.


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