Release/Patch notes for Agents Of Yesterday

Well, it’s finally here and like many long-time fans of Star Trek Online, I’m stuck with deciding where my efforts go first.  On top of what we already know – two additional cross-faction episodes have been added at this point of the release.


Among the previously not ‘revealed’ is a new STF called The Battle of Procyon V.  It also includes significant changes to powers (as of this reading they are improvements and not nerfs), character costumes and more.

It’s gonna be a crazy day tomorrow.  Ship reviews are already stacking up 😉

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday expansion is here!

New Features:

Create a 23rd Century Captain

  • This will start off our new adventure in Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday as players create a captain from the era of The Original Series.
  • This is the top option in the character creation window.
  • Players can choose the following races as their 23rd Century Captain:
    • Human
    • Andorian
    • Vulcan
    • Tellarite
  • Also included are two previously unreleased to Tribble episodes titled “Temporal Reckoning” and “Ragnarok”.
    • These can be found in the Future Proof tab of the mission journal.
    • These can be played by level 60 players of all factions.


New Space Queue: The Battle of Procyon V

  • Temporal fleets clash in the 26th Century at Procyon V for the fate of the galactic timeline!
  • “The Battle of Procyon V” is a new 5 player Cross-faction Space Queue with Normal, Advanced, and Elite versions for level 60 captains.


New Space Queue: Days of Doom


Temporal Defense Initiative Reputation

  • The Temporal Defense Initiative will be established in 2769 and defends the timeline against attempts to alter our common history.
  • Temporal Marks will be used to increase rank among the Initiative and can be earned in the following areas:
    • Days of Doom Space Queue
    • The Battle of Procyon V Space Queue
    • Badlands Battlezone
  • Chroniton Buffers can be earned by participating in the Advanced and Elite versions of “Days of Doom” and “The Battle of Procyon V” as well as the Badlands Battlezone to be used to obtain the elite items found within the reputation.
  • This reputation is available for level 50+ captains.
  • For more details, please visit the Temporal Defense Initiative Reputation blog at:


Temporal Operative Captain Specialization

  • Temporal Operative is a new Primary Specialization, but captains may also slot it as a Secondary Specialization and benefit from the first 15 abilities available.
    • Abilities may be purchased in this Specialization even while it is inactive.
  • With the introduction of a new Primary Specialization, the cap on Specialization Points has been raised up to a new maximum of 150.
    • Players that exceed this amount will instead receive Dilithium Ore.
  • Temporal Operatives lean heavily on Exotic Damage and Kit Module abilities, befitting their roots as a science-heavy specialization.
  • Advancing in the Temporal Operative Specialization will grant captains the ability to add the Temporal Operative Specialization to any existing Bridge Officers through crafting in R&D.
  • For more details, please visit the Temporal Specialization blog at:


Bridge Officer Specialization:
Temporal Operative

  • Upon the release of Agents of Yesterday, existing Bridge Officers will have the ability to train in this new Specialization through the use of Specialization Qualifications.
  • Once granted the Temporal Operative specialization, Training Manuals for Rank I and Rank II Temporal Operative abilities will be available for purchase from any Bridge Officer Training store.
    • Rank III abilities can be unlocked by advancing in the Temporal Operative Captain Specialization tree, and then created using the new Officer Training R&D School.
  • This specialization presents a strong emphasis on science-leaning tactics with a focus on dealing exotic damage, controlling foes’ movements, and stripping their defenses with use of the new Entropy mechanic.
  • For more details, please visit our Temporal Operative Bridge Officer blog at:



  • Added an extra free character slot to all accounts.
  • Tier 1 Constitution Class Starship:
    • Free update to the ship art to make it closer in appearance to the original model.
    • Resolved an issue where the Constitution Class starship had incorrect animation when going to warp.
    • T1 Constitution class player ship phasers now have an additional damage mod so it matches its Blue quality level.
      • It is still leveless until level 50.
  • Infinity Lock Box:
    • Resolved an issue that was causing the “Orbital Devastation” Ground Trait to not appear in the Infinity Prize Pack when opened by Engineering officers.
    • Resolved an issue that was causing “Voth Separatist Officers” obtained from the Infinity Lock Box to incorrectly reward officers from the Elachi Survivors pack.
      • Also corrected their descriptions, which pointed to the Elachi Survivors pack.
  • Mission Journal: Flipped the order of the Breen and Borg arcs for all factions.
  • Reordered the Reputation projects to have Events at the top and the most current Reputation listed just below Events followed by the newest to oldest Reputation at the bottom.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause a crash if the player renamed their active ship on a space map.
  • EV Suit visual overlays will no longer function on maps that apply a Costume Overlay to the player.
  • Adjusted the size of the Special Ship Tray to be smaller when the ship only has Sensor Analysis.
  • Romulans now play the Romulan beam out sound when logging in, instead of the Federation audio.
  • Corrected the name of the 6th anniversary party popper to “Explosive Party Popper”.
  • The Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort can now select “None” as a valid registry prefix.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Borg Disconnected to show up when filtering for Elite Marks other than Ancient Power Cells.
  • The Federation Siege Breaker Accolade [KDF] correctly tracks the defeat of the U.S.S. Marlowe.
  • Update the Registry Number on the T5U Risian Escort so that the number range is consistent with the pre-upgraded T5 Risian Escort.
  • Changed the tutorial contact order so the player answers “Yes I would like to replay” instead of “Yes I would like to skip”.
  • The Blissful Agony Trait has a correct icon.
  • Removed duplicate vendor on Bajor: Hathon.
  • Resolved an issue where the Tessaract Communicator was missing some icons



  • Boxes which award Specialization Points now require level 60 to open such as Weekly Featured Episode Reward Talentpoint Box or the Federation Tour of Duty Completion Box.
    • The Tour of Duty and promotional boxes automatically open to award their Specialization Points.
      • These now convert into Dilithium Ore when opened at the current Specialization Point cap.
  • Research and Development:
    • Wide Angle Voth Transphasic-Chroniton Torpedo Launcher, included with the Voth dreadnought, can now be upgraded.
      • Resolved an issue that caused this weapon to have slightly higher than intended damage at maximum level, but the upgraded versions (Mk 13 & 14) will be significantly better.
    • Kumari wing cannons can now be upgraded.
    • Description of [Amp] modifier has been updated to more accurately reflect the mechanics.
  • Strategist Specialization/Counter Offensive: This passive ability no longer deals Feedback Pulse typed damage.
    • Instead, it will deal damage as the same type that was inflicted upon the owner of Counter Offensive.
    • Additionally, Counter Offensive’s maximum damage has been doubled.
  • Romulan drone ships:
    • Should be more reliable about using their holoemitters now.
    • Added ability to mimic Kazon ships.
    • Will remain in default Romulan drone ship form when they do not have information about the enemy they are fighting.
  • The Space Trait “Secret Command Codes” no longer activates when you cloak or leave cloak.
    • This also no longer indicates this trait is a ground trait.
  • Resolved an issue where Uncommon/Green and VeryRare/Purple Specialization Kit Modules were unlocking on the store, and available for use, one point before they should have been.
  • Invincible Starship Trait from the Zahl cruiser should no longer mistakenly trigger while the player is defeated.
    • It should only trigger if the player is alive and about to be defeated.
  • Anomalous waveforms in the Dyson Sphere – Allied Zone – Ion Stream area will only appear if the player can accept the mission to scan them, or are on the mission to scan them.
  • Updated descriptions on Manheim Device and Tipler Cylinder consoles, to clarify which classes of “temporal” starships can use them.
    • Wells/Korath/R’mor Temporal Science Vessel
    • Mobius/Krenn/Talvath Temporal Destroyer
    • Aeon/Rozhenko Timeship,
    • Annorax Science Dreadnought
    • Paradox Temporal Dreadnought
      • Updated long description on Temporal Rift Stabilizer (Paradox Console) to replace “Any Temporal Starship” with appropriate list of class restrictions.
  • Resolved an issue on Withering Disruptor Split Beam Rifles which caused its secondary firing mode to alter the weapon’s visual temporarily.
  • Resolved a typo in the Ferengi Lobi 3 piece set that states “only useable in the D’kora”.
    • It now states that the benefit functions while in any Ferengi starship.
  • Ground Bosses that were already immune to Knock and Hold effects are now also immune to Teleport and Repel.
  • The NPC Khaerops Dreadnought no longer has access to the Unstable Entanglement Platform prior to level 20.
  • All references to the incorrect spelling of “Fluidic Coccoon” have been changed to the correct spelling of “Fluidic Cocoon”.
  • Resolved a text error in the Dyson Reputation Unlock Tiers that indicated the player only gets to “Choose One” of the abilities at each unlock tier.


  • Gravity Well at all ranks will now more reliably trigger attached effects, such as those triggered by Exotic Damage abilities and Control Effects.
  • Resolved an issue that would occasionally cause some damage over time powers to tic an excessive number of times on cast.
  • Significantly increased the strength and reduced the recharge time of the Micro Photon Torpedo Launcher kit module.
  • Some ground abilities that spawn hazard areas will no longer apply Damage-Over-Time effects that linger on targets after they leave the hazard area.
    • To compensate for this, the hazards themselves have had their lifespans increased and affects the following abilities:
      • Plasma Grenade
      • Cryo Grenade
      • Exothermic Induction Field
  • The Chroniton Dual Beam Array’s proc now reduces Recharge Speed in addition to its other effects.
  • Feedback Pulse no longer deals “Feedback Pulse” typed damage.
    • Instead it will deal damage as the same type that was inflicted upon the caster of Feedback Pulse.
  • Radiant Nanite Cloud, the Dauntless Starship Trait, can now only be triggered by Bridge Officer Abilities and Captain Abilities.
    • The amount of additional healing has been doubled from 25% of healing done, up to 50%.
    • This change is necessary for performance reasons.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Paradox and Annorax to not benefit from the Temporal Inversion set bonus from the Wells/Mobius console set.
  • “Tholian Sticky Web Wall” may no longer be used against very large enemies such as starbases.
  • Isometric Charge no longer incorrectly benefits from effects and attachments meant to enhance Weapons.
    • This is an Exotic Damage ability.
  • Ground fire areas no longer flank or crit and cannot be dodged.
  • Resolved a typo on both Biomatter weapon procs to correctly indicate their proper 2km radius.
  • Omega Kinetic Sharing:
    • Now uses the pre-resistance damage values to calculate the Damage-Over-Time effect, instead of post-resistance.
    • Resolved an issue that was causing Omega Kinetic Shearing’s damage over time effect to not be subject to resists.
  • Charged Particle Burst now drains 200% the amount of shields that it used to, and additionally leaves a lingering debuff on affected foes that causes their Shields to take additional damage for several seconds.
  • Resolved an issue with Endothermic Induction which was causing it to deal damage after it had expired.
  • Resolved an issue with Sweeping Strikes which was causing its icon rank to flicker
  • Updated the description on officers that add Radiation Damage to Charged Particle Burst so that the descriptions math how the damage is actually applied.
  • Added wording to long description of Omega Kinetic Shearing and Concentrate Firepower that clarifies how their additional damage is calculated, and that it is not subject to additional damage buffs.



  • Klingon Update:
    • Updated the lighting on most male heads and male and female necks to add more cohesion to the look.
    • Tweaked Klingon forehead and nose ridges to better blend with face textures.
      • Also sharpened the textures, giving the impression of increased resolution.
    • Increased slider range for female Klingon cranium and forehead width.
      • It is now possible to make these features wider.
    • Improved skinning and fit of Male and Female Klingon Sashes.
    • Klingon Male Pauldrons have a more natural fit, shape, and skinning.
  • Added a few more skin tone options to Human, Klingon, and Ferengi for players.
  • Added an additional color tint option on the main trim lines for the Time Traveler uniform.
    • Also made set color options to STO’s largest color palette.
  • Made Na’kuhl Tall Loose boots option available to players who have this set.
  • Slit Pupils are no longer available for humans.
  • Herald helmet no longer disappears on low end graphics cards.
  • The Terran 1 shorts color choices now match Terran 2.
  • Resolved an issue where several species were missing legs when wearing the Terran shorts.
  • Resolved an issue where Female Trill were having their legs disappear when putting on the Hammock Swimsuit.
  • Unifying the parts of the MACO uniform so they all have the same color palette.


Known Issues:

  • The option “Switch to Static Stance” does not function in the tailor.
  • 23rd Century Bridge Officers cannot wear ranks past Lt. Junior Grade.
  • The Clear Button does not function in the Keybind Options.
  • Scar and tattoo placement is not functioning correctly in the character creator.

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