Guest Blogger Timberwolf: 26th Century Star Ships Review

Lootcritter here: Expansion Three may appear to be short on content, but with 12 new Zen ships, 3 lockbox ships and now a T6 Marauder, plus an entirely new set Temporal powers, reputation, and specialization – this has been a hell of a week.  One might say this expansion has altered the meta in-game substantially.

Timberwolf is back with his take on the 26th-century ships that became available with this release.

As always he’s a great source of information and contributor over at The Pilot Review Show.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube channel!


T6 Sagittarius Temporal Cruiser     Grade: A-

I know, I love cruisers. But this one now has a nice place in the Fleet. I was drawn to her design the moment I saw the blog on the Temporal Pack. Now that I have it in sector space and can test her in combat, I’m quite happy 🙂

I will say this, I didn’t know what to fully expect out of the new Temporal BOFF powers, even though I tested them on Tribble. You never know how changes between the Tribble and Holodeck servers will affect the new content until it’s live. As it turns out, they are better than I thought! On this test build, I am using Rapid Decay I, which is a nice single target debuff and Physical damage DoT effect, which I felt could be used on heavy targets and save Attack Pattern Beta for my Fire at Will cycles. When both are used on a single heavy target, the results are nice! She pilots like a dream for a cruiser, which is always nice. The surprising things are the Molecular Deconstruction Beam, which is a nice extra ability for damage against single targets, and the Chroniton Particle Exciter, which is a very useful team healing booster in a pinch, so I can see a few healers in the game really liking that console. I might try using a stacking entropy build on her to boost the timer on Rapid Decay.

Even though I’m not one for having weapons on a ship that match the faction, tv show look, she did very well with Advanced fleet Phasers, so I will keep them equipped on her.

Below is the video link of the live review:


So, as you can see, she is a great cruiser with a lot of survival and damage potential just waiting for you to unlock. I plan to get the Fleet variant and making it a permanent addition to my fleet. IF you have this ship available, I would do more than unlock the trait and toss her. I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂

T6 Paladin Temporal Battlecruiser   Grade: Solid A

When I was looking at this ship in Spacedock, I did not know what to think of her at first. She had an interesting look about her, Temporal Boff power slots, and an interesting console layout. I wasn’t quite sure at first what she could be capable of, especially with her Assault Phaser Platform console equipped in the build. Man, Was I surprised!!! Using a Fleet Phaser build and keeping her innate console on her, she became Death Incarnate! I love the Maneuverability and power behind this ship

Her design has grown on me and after my Star Base 24 solo run, I knew she would worth the purchase of a Fleet version …. of course, once I ran her through a pug run of Infected Space Advanced, I was sure. The console, the Heavy Assault Phaser platform, almost did 7K damage output during the ISA run!? That’s a lot of welcome firepower in a fight, considering it uses a version of beam fire at will. Add that it gives a decent phaser damage boost and you have a console you want to try your best to keep on the build. While she won’t be my new flagship, she will easily make the rotation when it comes to destroying the enemies of the Federation.

Below, the video review of this awesome vessel:

So, with this kind of firepower from fleet weapons on a capable ship like this, using the console that comes with it as well, this is definitely a beast you want to try out for yourself. She is well worth the investment I promise 🙂

T6 Theseus Class Temporal Escort    Grade: A-

Ok, I know I’m not a heavy runner of escorts, but I do like to fly them from time to time. From the Steamrunner to the Baltim Raider, the class and piloting have grown on me. So, when the Theseus class was launched in-game, It was time to see if my skills had improved and if this escort would be worth keeping around. I do happen to like the design, very sleek and at times almost raptor-like when it swoops down on targets. She flies with a vengeance and man can she hit hard! Granted, there are escort pilots out there that will be able to do more with this ship, especially if they grab the Fleet variant, but I have found a level of respect and fondness for this ship. Running Fleet Disruptor dual beam banks out in front, she began to melt through targets before they could at times get a shot off!

While yes I was crazy to do a solo Starbase 24 with this ship, as her hull rating isn’t as good as a cruiser, she did surprisingly well! I can only imagine as I get better at escort piloting and upgrading her gear, she will become a deadly force to be reckoned with

Below is the video review for this “little” beast:

So even in my hands, she is blasting at 62K output in Infected Space Advanced and yet, she can survive very well in a solo Starbase 24, so long as you are a little careful lol. I do recommend her for the mean escort runner in your group or crew, unless you have to fight that person, then never mention it.

T6 Nautilus class Temporal Science Vessel   Grade: Solid A

So I will be the first to admit, while I am not great with escorts, at least I can make them work very well. As for science vessels, they are an enigma that I try out every so often on my science character to see if I can learn and put together a heavy science build that works well enough to run advanced content. Well the experiments worked well enough on this boat! Thanks to a mix of Temporal Operative and Control Science powers, she became something that would be evil in the background of a group. She could easily group up and nuke down targets enough for your teammates to quickly finish the job before you gather all the threat from the targets you just scienced the hell out of.

Now, because I am not that good at science build, even though I can make it work, Check out Ernest Ramos on the Star Trek Online facebook group. If anyone can pull off something crazy with science and torpedoes on this ship, he is your guy 🙂


Below is the video of my craziness:

Also, yes I know, it was very crazy of me to take this ship into a solo Starbase 24 run….But it did show the control power this ship can have mixing temporal and science powers and that it works well….even if you die quickly. If you are or your friend is heavy science character who loves science builds, I’d suggest this ship to them. I believe they will have a great time using this ship 🙂


My conclusion, these 26th-century starships are well worth the purchase, for the ship, the traits, and the consoles. There is something for everyone in this 4 ship set. Hopefully, one of them goes home with you. Until next time, This is Timberwolf signing off…

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