This has to be a mistake… $50 for a character-bound costume?

Update: The dilithium store’s overpriced costume wear (already 9 times higher than anything else) got a small 15% discount when the changes were pushed live to holodeck this morning.

Update 2: Well so much for that – the discount came from our dilithium min discount. Grrr.  Thanks to Ross (@khamseen_air) for pointing that out.

[sarcasm] Yeah, NOW I’m going to buy something [/sarcasm]


are you kidding me 2

If vanity items are the next ‘big thing’ in dilithium expenditures, why not move the Disco Balls to the dil store as well.  Starting price 5 million dilithium.  Now THAT would be a good dil sink.  I know of one fleet that would stabilize the economy in a single day.

Original post below..

Tribble’s patch notes dropped with what seemed to be good news – some costumes have been added to the dilithium store.  Given the volatility of the exchange, and the current dilithium glut in the game holding at 400:1 exchange rate, another dilithium sink would be nice.

But not this:

are you kidding me

This has GOT to be WRONG.

To give some context, account-wide costumes have been given away for free a few times a year, simply for logging into the game. The new 23rd Century EV suit – that glitzy 1960’s tech – goes for 550 Zen.  It actually does something and is account wide, albeit for Starfleet members only.  Other costumes run – again – 550 Zen each and are account wide unlocks.

550 Zen (at 405 dil per Zen) = 222, 750 dilithium each.

This character-bound costume will cost you 1.2 to 2 million dilithium each, or 2963 to 4938 Zen each.  Basically $29 to $50 dollars for EACH CHARACTER -or basically 6-10x the cost of any other costume.

This is more than the cost of a ship, and even a ship is account-frakking-wide.

Did Donald Trump take over the pricing model?


Yes, I might have a few million work of dil kicking around.  But there is no way in hell I’d pay that rate even if the costumes had a +20 to all my ground melee skills.  Wait, maybe I might…

Dilithium is too abundant, a far cry from two years ago when it really felt like someone was cutting off the dil in just about everything.  Star Trek Online responded by slowly adding bigger rewards and dil to mission rewards.  While the bulk of the active Star Trek Online player-base was over indulging in an orgy of ‘EPIC’ upgrades (ok, that was an overstatement.  It was more like a smorgasbord of upgrading.) it would seem the dil sources needed to feed that went a little too far.

As a dilithium buyer, I’m happy with higher exchange rates.  As an F2P player, I hate them.  There has to be a happy medium.  Creating ridiculous prices for ‘super sinks’ will never work.  Just look at the miner’s EV suits.  Have you ever seen one of those used in the game?

Couple of suggestions:

  1. If you keep them character bound, drop the prices to a relevant 250K dilithium.  Even if the market stabilizes, people might actually use them and it’s close to the 550 Zen rate.  BTW – even at these prices they’d be exclusive enough that not everyone could afford them.
  2. For the EPIC quality garb, 500K is cool too – but add something like a unique MACO weapon and a couple of free Experimental Upgrades.  Make it worthwhile.
  3. Admiralty Cards (this is a no-brainer):
    VR rare packs containing 5 random 1x use VR cards plus a 4% chance for an EPIC 1x use starship card. for 50K dilithium.  That rate won’t upset the rewards for admiralty, but it would add options for players.
    Add Science Booster packs, with 5 random VR cards for 1x use Science ships, with a random selection of VR and R materials. for 50K dilithium.
  4. Research Boosts.  5x +50 Rare Research Boosts for 100K dilithium.

Massaging an economy is done by small edits in many places; not ham fisting single solutions in the hopes of making a course change.

My Two Bits


15 thoughts on “This has to be a mistake… $50 for a character-bound costume?

  1. I think they missed the point a little bit. There won’t be a ton of people buying this stuff for dil at that price. The ones with that much dil to blow won’t be phased, for the most part.


  2. So they screw over players with the Nagus that have spent hundreds/thousands on the game and now they screw us over with these ridiculously priced uniforms? No way in hell am I paying $30-$50 for a damn uniform per character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But man. nobody is forcing you to buy this uniforms you know ?
      In that state i think there will be only some players that will actually buy any of those.


    2. If only Lootcritter made this big of a stink when persons other than himself DIDN’T get the Nagus I might feel sorry for him not being able to Space Barbie this time…. #suckswhenitsyouhuh?


      1. Not entirely sure who you’re trying to diss, I did get one (12 actually as it was account wide) and many people I know who should have didn’t. Hence the blog post about one possibility why some missed out.
        Fast forward 24 hours, and MANY players had one manually added to their account if they had qualified, but were unsubscribed. All of this was confirmed by Trendy and Stephen Ricossa on Monday.

        I speak up when I don’t like changes to a game I love. I don’t write ‘made up shit’ to build readers. One thing about fans of STO – they can smell bullshit a mile away. Plus do you think I could get interviews at STO if I was in this for myself? And if you doubt my sincerity – you don’t have to read ANYTHING here 😉

        So you didn’t get one. I feel bad for you – but as we don’t know the criteria (bad on STO’s part) – there’s not much I can suggest.

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  3. This is why the game lost so many players, the dil exchange is ridiculous and the game in general is ssooo time consuming, farmy, grindy and pricy….


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